In the world of fashion, certain individuals have the innate ability to capture the essence of contemporary culture and translate it into wearable art. 
Salehe Bembury is a name that has rapidly risen to prominence in the fashion industry. Bembury's unique designs and unyielding commitment to pushing boundaries have not only made him a sought-after footwear designer but also a cultural icon.

Salehe Bembury's journey to success began in the bustling streets of New York City. Growing up in Queens, Bembury's early fascination with sneakers and urban style laid the foundation for his future in the fashion world. From an early age, he immersed himself in the culture of streetwear, art, and design, gathering inspiration from the vibrant city that surrounded him.
Salehe attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City and Syracuse University. Here, he honed his craft and developed a unique approach to combining function with aesthetics. During his time at Parsons, he showcased a remarkable ability to infuse elements of his own experiences and cultural influences into his work. Getting his start at Payless, he moved on to Cole Haan, did some time at Jon Buscemi’s ‘GREATS’ and spent a couple of years with Yeezy where he was pivotal in the designing process of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 and 750.

In 2020, Bembury collaborated with New Balance. Titled 'Peace Be The Journey' the sneaker instantly made him a standalone figure in the scene. Inspired by Bembury’s love of hiking around L.A., the bright orange New Balance 2002Rs were an instant hit and ended up making a tonne of year-end best sneaker lists.

"Connecting with nature and the outdoors is central to Salehe Bembury’s identity,"

- Kevin Trotman, Product Manager of New Balance Collaborations





His designs often incorporate vivid color palettes, natural motifs, and intricate detailing, drawing inspiration from his love for nature and his fascination with global travel. Bembury's ability to seamlessly fuse contrasting elements, such as the urban and the organic, has made his creations truly distinctive. We truly see these vivid ideas come to life in the Salehe Bembury x Crocs collaboration.





Bembury's career reached new heights when he joined the iconic Italian luxury brand, Versace, as the Vice President of Sneakers and Men's Footwear. His tenure at Versace marked a turning point in his creative journey, enabling him to infuse his unique design philosophy into the brand's rich heritage.


“Salehe Bembury is the best sneaker designer in the world”

- Donatella Versace


Contrary to Donatella Versace’s praise, Salehe has been public about his desires to not   be known as a sneaker guy or ‘The sneaker guy’ but rather a visionary artist. 

Beyond his design prowess, Salehe Bembury is deeply committed to using his platform to drive positive change. He actively advocates for social and environmental issues, promoting diversity, sustainability, and inclusivity within the fashion industry. Bembury consistently speaks out against inequality and strives to create opportunities for underrepresented communities in design and fashion. He uses his social media platforms to educate and inspire others, urging the industry to embrace responsibility and accountability.

“The great equalizer is time. We all are on the same journey. I believe the destination of that journey is peace. That peace can represent different things to different people” 

- Salehe Bembury



2023 Moncler collaboration


The new collection is clearly characterised by an outdoor-minded and streetwear inspiration focused on a nature-inspired palette with burnt oranges, sunset corals, moss greens and muted browns plucked fresh from the trail and clearly directed to a younger audience.





“This campaign is a dialogue about humanising luxury. My goal is to harmoniously balance Moncler DNA with the heritage of the outdoors. This collection embodies a juxtaposition of ethos rarely seen in either environment.” 

- Salehe Bembury

A highlight from the collection is what seems to be a modified version of the Tailgrip sneaker. Palette-wise, it uses the matching nature inspired tones that translate through the entire collection ranging from browns, tans and oranges to pinks and greens. There’s also a Bembury-specific logo hit on the tongue and a large GORE-TEX embellishment on the midsole.





In a rapidly changing industry, Salehe Bembury stands as a reminder that true innovation comes from staying true to oneself, embracing cultural heritage, and pushing the boundaries of creativity.


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