In the realm of sneaker culture, few shoes have achieved the iconic status that the Nike Air Force 1 holds. Originally released in 1982, this classic silhouette has seen numerous iterations, collaborations, and limited editions over the years. Among these, the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme "Year of the Rabbit" stands out as a shining example of how sneakers can be transformed into works of art, paying homage to tradition while embracing modern creativity.

The "Year of the Rabbit" holds a special place in the Chinese zodiac calendar, symbolising a year of prosperity, compassion, and creativity. In Chinese culture, each year is associated with a specific animal, and the rabbit represents a gentle and humble nature. For Nike, the "Year of the Rabbit" presented an opportunity to celebrate and honour this cultural tradition by crafting a limited-edition sneaker that embodies the essence of both the Air Force 1 legacy and the Year of the Rabbit symbolism.

Released in 2011 as part of Nike's Chinese New Year collection, the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme "Year of the Rabbit" instantly captured the attention of sneaker enthusiasts and art collectors alike. The shoe showcases a premium white leather upper, symbolising purity and new beginnings, also being inspired by a traditional milk cream-flavoured candy popular in China. The design incorporates intricate laser-etched detailing, featuring various elements related to the Year of the Rabbit.





Upon its release, the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme "Year of the Rabbit" didn't precisely garner immediate acclaim. Years later we have seen sneakerheads and collectors rushing to add this rare gem to their collections. It became a sought-after item not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the deep cultural roots it represented.

Beyond its value as a collector's item, the "Year of the Rabbit" Air Force 1 serves as a testament to the power of art in sneaker culture. It exemplifies how a shoe can transcend its purpose and become a canvas for artistic expression, uniting people across cultures and borders through a shared appreciation for creativity and different traditions.





For January 2023, Nike is transferred the same colours and details to the Dunk Low 


This Dunk Low features an upper made of a Light Grey suede base with White leather overlays. Chenille fabric Swooshes, Red on the lateral and Blue on the medial, highlight the shoe’s design. The sneaker’s Special details include a rabbit graphic on the insole and lateral heel. Each pair features a White midsole with a transparent outsole displaying the years 2011 and 2023 on the left and right shoes, respectively playing homage to the 2011 Air Force 1 release. 


Both the Nike Air Force 1 Supreme ‘Year of the Rabbit’ and the Nike Dunk Low  PRM ‘White Rabbit’  stand brilliant fusions of sneaker culture and artistic representation and are available at Story while stocks last.


Levi Niekerk