In the holiday season of 2019  the Fearless Ones collection follows a theme by highlighting communities, collaborators (cultural leaders from across the globe who inspire people to reach new heights in their respective fields) and illuminating stories connected to MJ’s intrepid drive. Created by almost an entire cast of female designers, each sneaker holds a unique story making this one of the most ambitious releases of recent memory.
Los Angeles-based designer Melody Ehsani once again made waves. Known for her bold designs and empowering messages, Ehsani has brought her unique style to the iconic Air Jordan 1 Mid silhouette, creating a sneaker that is not only fashionable but also carries a powerful message of self-expression and female empowerment.
One of the standout features of this collaboration is the decorative gold watch dubrae, a nod to Ehsani's love for accessories and her ability to blend elements of luxury with streetwear. The dubrae adds a touch of elegance to the sneaker while also serving as a reminder of the value of time and the importance of cherishing every moment.
Another striking detail of the Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1 Mid is the hand-lettered quotation on the midsole that reads: "IF YOU KNEW WHAT YOU HAD WAS RARE, YOU WOULD NEVER WASTE IT." This powerful message speaks to the idea of appreciating the unique qualities that make each individual special and serves as a reminder to embrace one's own uniqueness.
In addition to these standout features, the sneaker also features a slew of other messages from Ehsani hidden throughout, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to the design. These hidden messages further reinforce Ehsani's commitment to empowering individuals to express themselves freely and embrace their true selves.
Overall, the Melody Ehsani x Air Jordan 1 Mid is more than just a sneaker; it is a statement piece that celebrates individuality, self-expression, and empowerment. With its bold design and powerful messages, this collaboration is sure to resonate with sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts alike, cementing Melody Ehsani's status as a designer who is not afraid to push boundaries and challenge originality.
Another great collab that came out of this pack was a Parisian artistic take. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of African culture, Maison Chateau Rogue infuses the Air Jordan 1 Mid with distinctive design cues and hand-stitched details. The collaboration seamlessly intertwines the heritage of the renowned sneaker silhouette with the brand's ethos, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.
At the heart of Maison Chateau Rogue's vision lies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and storytelling. Each pair of Air Jordan 1 Mids undergoes a meticulous process, where skilled artisans hand-stitch intricate patterns onto premium leather, reminiscent of traditional African textiles. This attention to detail not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of the sneakers but also imbues them with a sense of authenticity and cultural significance.
The color palette chosen for the collaboration reflects the vibrant hues often found in African art and textiles. Rich earthy tones, bold patterns, and symbolic motifs converge to create a visual take for the senses.


Adam Jordan Moosa