Okay well since Drake is literally catching generational beef with about every rapper right now, acting as some sought of Thanos, we thought it would be fitting to follow up the last contest against Pluto with a matchup with KDot. Kendrick's verse aimed at Drake on Metro Boomin and Future's "Like That" track, with subtle nods to J. Cole, has caused a frenzy online, reviving what seems to be a longstanding rivalry in the hip hop scene. Since then, Drake and Kendrick have gone back and forth releasing diss tracks on each other online but let's see who got the best fits.
Both rappers have recurring styles and aesthetics in their wardrobes, with Kendrick remaining very much so unapologetically West Coast and Drake changing his ways between U.K. streetwear and the hip-hop fashion meta. This could nod to his two brands Nocta and OVO respectfully to be fair.
In the early 2010s, Kendrick opted for a look that unfortunately missed the mark looking back on it now, failing to capture the essence of his typically impeccable West Coast style. Known for his deep connection to the cultural roots of Los Angeles, Kendrick's fashion choices usually reflect the laid-back yet vibrant aesthetic synonymous with SoCal.
Particular outfits, featuring a blue chequered shirt paired with denim jeans, certainly channels the casual vibe of LA streetwear. The nod to classic Chuck Taylors, iconic in their simplicity and timelessness, further reinforces Kendrick's typically spot-on fashion sense. However, despite the individual elements of the ensemble being quintessentially West Coast, the overall impact falls short of expectations. While Kendrick has graced us with timeless albums like "Section.80" and "good kid, m.A.A.d city" during this era, his fashion choice this time lacks the memorable flair that fans have come to expect from him. Of course, every fashion journey includes its ups and downs as we will later see, and Kendrick's misstep serves as a reminder that even the most stylish guys are not immune to the occasional miss.
As spoken about before in the early days of Drizzy’s career, his  penchant for cosy sweaters became a subject of ridicule among some critics online. The jokes reached such heights that they even inspired sketches on Saturday Night Live. Yet, as is often the case with new fashion choices, hindsight has proven the critics wrong.
During his "Take Care" era, Drake's commitment to Missoni's intricately woven knits emerged as a defining element of his style. Far from being mere fashion faux pas, these sweaters have aged like fine wine, gaining recognition as vintage pieces.
One standout moment that showcases Drake's sweater prowess is his outfit in the "Headlines" music video. The combination of a Missoni knit sweater with its signature vibrant patterns and Drake's goofy yet effortless swagger created an iconic visual.
Moving on to late 2010s after a show-stopping moment backstage at one of his seven-night residencies at the O2 Arena in London in 2019.
Sporting a custom-made Brioni jacket paired with a Tom Ford head two, Drake's outfit had a touch from every seam. However, it's the addition of custom diamonds and the pièce de résistance—a mouth-wateringly expensive Richard Mille rm69 watch valued at a staggering $750,00 that catapulted the outfit into the higher ups of luxury fashion. Beyond the ridiculousness price tag, what truly sets Drake's suit apart is its blend of sophistication and elegance. Instead of coming across as flashy or goofy Drake, Drake appears more "NY old money" than "Toronto Young Money."
On the other hand In Grammy Award show history, few performances stand out as boldly and memorably as Kendrick Lamar's showcase in 2018. Kendrick's performance was destined to be nothing short of legendary. However, it wasn't just the star-studded cast that stole the show, it was Kendrick's impeccable sense of style that left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.
As he took the stage to deliver a powerful performance just off the back of “All the Stars”, Kendrick Opted for a piece from Craig Green's epic Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Kendrick exuded a sense of contemporary cool that resonated with fans and fashion aficionados alike. The choice of Craig Green, known for his avant-garde designs and innovative approach to menswear, was a testament to Kendrick's keen eye for fashion and his willingness to push the boundaries of style. Rather than simply selecting a generic outfit, Kendrick opted for a piece that felt like a true reflection of himself.
2024 Drake has been very much in tune with his UK roots. With the huge success of NOCTA and the hot stepper it’s no surprise here really. UK fashion and style is the dominant aesthetic in 2024 and with Drake’s lowkey but also highkey love for London shows in his latest outfit inspirations. We are big fans of Drake’s outfits in 2024. Drake’s style has really matured. It is almost like he has combined all his previous eras together but added a bit of his new don't care era. Oversized suits, massive chunky shoes and baggy jeans have all hit Drake’s body this season and we are all here for it.
King Kenny moved into his quiet luxury era lately with his partnership with BODE and converse. His recent love for Martine Rose has shown as well and this is a big plus for Kendrick on the scorecard. Kendrick has gone VERY BAGGY lately in the last month. He seems to really like his baggy suit pants, some unconventional sneakers on feet with something polarising on top, it seems to be a combo that is really working for him.
Both rappers approach this thing called style quite different but still respectfully in their own ways. Drake’s creative and mainstream success has elevated him into the conversation as one of the most influential rap icons. The success of NOCTA is undeniably impressive and cannot be overlooked. Kendrick on the other brings that raw West Coast flavour that is undeniably classic and understated.


Adam Jordan Moosa