The iconic Adidas AS350 is making a comeback. Originating in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s for the Japanese market, this low-top, flat-soled sneaker is reentering the scene. While it's not its first revival, it's the latest silhouette Ronnie Fieg of Kith has utilized for the sought-after Adidas x Clarks collaboration. Following the success of their reimagined Samba released last year, Adidas, Clarks, and Kith are back in the spotlight.
From the official pictures we can see that Ronnie has merged the AS350's upper with a robust heavy duty Clarks crepe sole, creating an exclusive shoe for Kith Loyalty Program members. Crafted with premium pigskin suede, the model boasts Kith branding and comes in "Elevation" blue hues, as stated in a press release on the Kith website.
The 2016 return marked a unique inclusion of the 350 in the Spezial range, a departure from its previous exclusivity. Swiftly, it transitioned into the core lineup of Adidas Originals, a first for Spezial sneakers. Adidas introduced a diverse array of colors for the shoes in 2016. Notably, there was a collaboration with Oyster Holdings, led by Woodie White, a Chicago designer associated with Kanye West, Jerry Lorenzo, and Don C. Additionally, a "Moskva" or "Moscow" version of the 350 was produced for the 2018 Russia Footy World Cup
This sneaker resonated strongly at the time, not only  due to Adidas' connection to the World Cup but also because the Adidas Spezial typically appealed to football casual fans. These fans have a rich tradition of sporting Adidas gear and a knack for acquiring, either legally or otherwise, footwear from continental Europe during football away trips back to Britain. Supporters of clubs like Manchester United and Liverpool would often follow their teams to European competitions, seizing opportunities to acquire footwear, apparel, accessories, and funds along the way.
It’s very exciting to see something creative happen with the 350s. Especially with the massive rise in popularity of sneakers that were born on the indoor football pitch. If anyone can resurrect a forgotten sneaker and make it appeal to a new audience, it’s Ronnie Fieg.


Adam Jordan Moosa