Nike SB, the skateboarding arm of the Swoosh, is gearing up for an exciting collaboration with the iconic Air Max 95 silhoette. Slated for a quickstrike release next year, this intra-brand partnership is already creating buzz among sneaker industry insiders and sneaker influencers. While the exact launch date remains under wraps, the anticipation is real especially as the Air max 95 has gone through some sort of resurgence in recent years.
2025 then is set to be a landmark year for the Air Max 95, as it marks the 30th anniversary of this classic sneaker. To celebrate, along with this SB collab Nike is planning to roll out special editions and retros that stay true to the original designs. A highlight of these releases will be the reissue of the legendary “Neon” Nike Air Max 95, featuring a big bubble treatment for the soles, echoing the design approach seen in the Nike Air Max 1 ‘86 introduced in 2023. This move is sure to delight purists and new fans, offering a nostalgic nod to the sneaker's roots while incorporating modern updates.
Although Nike has kept tight-lipped about the SB Air Max project, the excitement is building. This isn't the first time SB has looked to other Nike lines for inspiration. The SB Dunk, for instance, transformed a basketball silhouette from the 1980s into a skate culture phenomenon in the 2000s. More recently, in 2023, SB collaborated with Jordan Brand to revamp the Air Jordan 4, tweaking it for better performance on the skate scene. These past projects suggest a similar innovative approach will be applied to the Air Max 95 redesign.
The Air Max 95, while not traditionally linked with skateboarding, has made its mark in the skate world. The shoe's influence is possibly evident in models like the DC Legacy, created for skaters Danny Way and Colin McCay in 1998. Pro skater Stevie Williams also contributed to this crossover. A memorable photo of Williams catching a high switch heelflip at Philadelphia’s Love Park, decked out in the original “Neon” 95s and a Green Bay Packers jersey, continues to circulate on social media, underscoring the sneaker's enduring appeal. This image likely served as inspiration for the SB team as they crafted their version of the Air Max 95, though Williams' involvement in the project remains uncertain.
The collaboration promises to bring a fresh perspective to the Air Max 95, marrying its classic design elements with SB's skate-centric innovations. Fans can expect a blend of retro style and contemporary functionality, making these sneakers a must-have for both collectors and skaters.
Adam Jordan Moosa