Nike is back at it again, paying tribute to the iconic city of Paris with a brand new SB Dunk release. Thanks to some leaked images, we can get a sneak peek at the latest addition to the collection, the "City of Cinema" SB Dunk Low. This pair is all about capturing the essence of Parisian movie theaters, and it does so in style.
First off, let’s talk about the look of these sneakers. The "City of Cinema" SB Dunk Low boasts a gold paint-splattered upper that really stands out. It’s got that glitzy, glamorous vibe that makes you think of classic regal cinemas in the heart of Paris. But it doesn’t stop there, the sneakers also feature luxurious velvet collars and tongues, adding a touch of sophistication and comfort. And for a bit of fun, there are special graphics on the footbed that tie everything together. Interestingly, an early sample of this sneaker surfaced last month, showing a stained detail on the midsole. However, the latest images confirm that this detail has been scrapped for the final retail version. It looks like Nike listened to feedback and decided to go for a cleaner look.
This isn’t the first time Nike has shown love to Paris this year. Earlier, they dropped the "City of Love" SB Dunks, a two-shoe set that was perfect for Valentine’s Day. These sneakers were a hit with their romantic theme and stylish design. And let's not forget the upcoming "Escargot" Dunk Low, another Parisian-themed sneaker that sneakerheads are eagerly waiting for. With these releases, Nike is definitely making Paris the star of their show in 2024.
So, when can you get your hands on the "City of Cinema" SB Dunk Low? According to Complex, these kicks are set to hit retailers sometime this holiday season. It’s perfect timing for those looking to add something special to their collection or to give as a gift. Nike’s "City of Cinema" SB Dunk Low is a celebration of Parisian culture, specifically its love for cinema. With its eye-catching gold splattered upper, velvet details, and unique graphics, it’s a must-have for sneakerheads. Keep an eye out this holiday season to snag a pair and bring a piece of Parisian cinema magic to your sneaker lineup.


Adam Jordan Moosa