Euro 2024 is on the horizon and set to kick off in Germany on June 14th. Each nation has officially announced and showcased their latest kits and attire they will be sporting next month. At Story we love trends and blokecore is certainly something that has become intensely popular over the last year. Therefore we’ve decided to look through some of the most stylish (and not so stylish) jerseys that have been revealed thus far and have ranked them based purely on their sartorial stature. With the increasing number of football fashion icons in the game… ahem Mr Jules Kounde, it has proven that looking good on and off the pitch is just as important as your performances nowadays anyway, so why not?
Netherlands Home
The light blue down the sides of the torso and the massive sky blue badge ruins this kit. The dutch seriously do not have a great lineup of kits for this tournament. Very disappointing
Turkey Home 
It’s just really boring isn't it? Nike went through a phase where they would just create a kit with a solid base colour and the Nike logo.. Thats it. This is exactly that.
Turkey Away
They’ve literally just added a stupid overly bold thick stripe? Where is the creativity. For such a culturally rich country Turkiye deserves way better i'm afraid. I guess it can pass as retro though.
Hungary Home
This is so disappointing because the Hungary away strip is genuinely a clean football jersey. No offensive design elements are at play here, it is just merely the fact that the Hungarian primary colours flipped from the away kit do not work as well. Looks like a Christmas football jersey…
Denmark Home
Is this kit made out of Minecraft Redstone? Seriously Hummel must stay away from kit design please.
Italy Home
Something about this jersey feels extremely cheap. It looks like the fake Italian jersey you can buy at a fleamarket. Adidas chose the correct shade of blue but just chose the wrong everything else.
Netherlands Away
This Dutch kit is supposed to resemble the iconic away strip from the 2014 world cup. The colours absolutely work together in principle however the matrix pattern does not belong on a football shirt. Akin to the home kit, the badge is offensive.
Slovakia Home & Away
What in the Satan is this? This might be the worst pairing of football shirts in Euro history. This kit has an evil eye in the middle of it and it's scary. Nike why did you do this?
Austria Home
It was close between Austria and Slovakia for the worst kit of Euro 2024 but with this kit it looks like Puma is trying to reinstate that the Mitocondria is the powerhouse of the cell. We truly do not understand why they chose a pattern that reminds everyone of Grade 10 Biology class.


Adam Jordan Moosa