Montreal-based studio, JJJJound, founded by Justin Saunders, has garnered a dedicated following for its distinct blend of minimalism, curation, and impeccable taste.

JJJJound launched in 2006 as a digital mood board to examine the recurring patterns in a timeless design.

With thousands of curated images, the colour-coordinated visual stream of consciousness has become the design community’s global mainstay and reference.

Since its inception, JJJJound has grown in the last decade into a collaborative design studio that aims to inspire through multiple channels; through the fabrication of items with purpose and longevity, through the design and construction of meaningful physical environments, and through the continued curation of its digital platform.

In addition to its own projects, JJJJound has collaborated with numerous established artists and brands to extend its strong design ethics.

Growing up idolising Bill Watterson, the man behind Calvin and Hobbes, Saunders was fascinated by Watterson’s anonymity, which helps contextualise why so many people know about JJJJound but don’t know of Saunders. 

“I was like, Man, you can be somebody but have nobody know you,” 

Less is more

At the core of JJJJound's success lies its distinctive aesthetic philosophy, which embraces minimalism, simplicity, and a strong commitment to design principles. 

The studio's ethos centres around the belief that beauty lies in simplicity and that less is often more impactful. Quality is in fact over Quantity in JJJJound’s equation.

The studio embraces the notion that simplicity can be both powerful and timeless. JJJJound's aesthetic is characterised by clean lines, muted colours, and a focus on natural materials. By stripping away unnecessary elements, JJJJound creates designs that are enduring, avoiding fleeting trends and embracing a sense of permanence. 


 “Our mantra is to design and produce items we need and want to be judged for.”

-Justin Saunders


JJJJound and sneakers





In 2022 A Bathing Ape and JJJJound would team up with a pair of JJJJound Bape Stas





This sneaker features a clean and minimalistic design true to JJJJound’s philosophy. The only branding on the shoe is a small A Bathing Ape logo on the heel tab and the high-quality materials used ensure durability and comfort. The white leather upper is soft and supple, while the rubber sole provides excellent traction and support. 

This shoe is one of the most sought-after Bape Stas in the sneaker community.



JJJJound then made a return in 2023 with another collaboration, working for the first time with the New Balance 991 MiUK silhouette.





New Balance’s 991 JJJJound Grey Olive is proudly made in the United Kingdom and is constructed of brown and grey premium suede and a mesh upper. JJJJound branding sits on the heel and insole of the sneaker and is dressed with cream laces, in addition to coming with extra black polyester laces. Like with any New Balance x JJJJound collab, the sneaker really excels in the quality department, the suede is buttery soft to the fingers and the midsole provides a bouncy yet luxurious step in your stride.

Through its products, collaborations, and online platform, JJJJound has captured the attention and admiration of design enthusiasts worldwide, by staying true to its minimalist sensibilities and maintaining a consistent vision.

If you want to shop JJJJound’s vision and the latest New Balance 991 MiUK JJJJound ‘Grey Olive’ look no further than Story.

Levi Niekerk