Travis Scott’s last album ‘Astroworld' marked a pivotal moment in pop culture. The album propelled him to new heights of popularity and established him as an artist with a distinct artistic vision. The album's impact resonated with fans and the music industry, making Astroworld a significant milestone in Travis Scott's discography.





Since then fans have been aching for a new Laflame album. Travis has been teasing fans worldwide with cryptic billboards in recent months around the Los Angeles area. Other artists such as the Weeknd and Bad Bunny have been spotted with the elusive ‘Utopia’ briefcase as well as producer Mike Dean, suggesting they will be involved…. maybe they feature?





The briefcase was also featured being held by Scott in a recent viral picture in which he and his security team paid tribute to The Beatles’ classic Abbey Road album cover.





Now, in a surprising turn of events, it appears that Scott's album rollout may involve one of the world's most iconic landmarks, the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
 On Sunday, Travis Scott posted propaganda for the upcoming album, featuring ancient Egyptian-themed videos.
Billed as the official launch for the new album, the Live Nation event will be held at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt on July 28. Tickets will be available, albeit at an expectedly limited capacity.

Travis Scott’s official website has also been updated. 

The home page reads: 

“Utopia is wherever you are” 

“Live stream transmitting from Egypt” 

You can also preorder ‘Topia Packs’ which are special-themed pre-order vinyls and CDs of the album with each pack including incentives such as respective ‘Utopia’ merch.

It’s extremely exciting times as one of the most anticipated album releases now has a release date on the horizon. Expect merch and possibly another Nike collab in the next coming months to coincide with the album rollout. 

Utopia is coming!

Levi Niekerk