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Palm Angels Palms & Skulls Vintage Hoodie
Palm Angels is an Italian luxury fashion label known for its streetwear-inspired designs. The brand was founded by Francesco Ragazzi in 2015 and has gained popularity for its bold and edgy aesthetic. Palm Angels offers a range of clothing items, including hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories. The brand often incorporates graphic prints, bold logos, and unconventional designs into its pieces. This hoodie follows suit with a graphic flamed outline Palm Angels Logo printed on the front and the rear accented by an LA-inspired Palm Tree graphic design.

Billionaire Boys Club Running Dog Denim Shorts 

In a noticeable trend, jorts have been making a resurgence, descending towards knee-length once again. Influential figures such as Kendall Jenner and both Hadid sisters are leading the way, signalling a revival of ’90s-style shorts. As 2023 commemorates the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, it comes as no surprise that a throwback to the iconic New York street style is in full swing. Renowned rappers like A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, and Lil Yachty are all paying homage to this bygone era. 

The Running Dog Denim Shorts showcase the iconic screen-printed running dog graphic on the front, an embroidered IC signet, "IC" lettering embroidered on the back pockets, and a zip-fastened fly. These Jorts are exclusive to BBC EU.





Stussy All Bets Off Pig Dyed Tee White & Black


Similar to the way young footballers were raised watching Messi and Ronaldo, the present cohort of menswear designers came of age donning Stüssy. Beyond mere clothing, they view the brand and its founder, Shawn Stüssy, with a reverence comparable to what their friends less enamoured with fashion might reserve for bands or film directors. The brand has become a streetwear staple and household name for many kids dying to get their hands on anything with the Stussy logo on it. Look no further as Story has a multitude of Stussy T shirts to choose from including the just-in ‘All Bets Off’ Tees in white and black. 





New Balance 1906R ‘thisisneverthat’ The 2022 Downtown Run


The collaboration between New Balance and thisisneverthat, known as The 2022 Downtown Run, brings forth the New Balance 1906R, featuring a vintage aesthetic heightened by distressed details on its open-cell mesh upper.

A well-defined heel counter and a robust synthetic overlay, complete with a metallic silver finish, fortify the lightweight build of the New Balance 1906R. Adding to the illusion of stability, webbing straps are seamlessly integrated into the laces. The shoe also boasts a luxurious tongue and a quilted collar. Stepping into comfort, the pre-yellowed N-ergy midsole provides a layer of cushioning with each stride.





Bearbrick Astro Boy Sleeping Ver. 100% & 400% Set


Astro Boy, crafted by Japanese mangaka Osamu Tezuka and renowned as one of the most iconic anime characters in history, symbolizes the creativity and prolific nature of the Japanese publishing industry during its zenith. Medicom pays homage to this legacy by reproducing the Sleeping Version through yet another iconic Be@rbrick. Beyond the world of collectables, Bearbricks have made their way into the realms of art and fashion. Artists use them as a medium for expression, transforming the bear-shaped canvas into miniature works of art. Fashion brands have also recognized the appeal of Bearbricks, incorporating them into their designs and collaborations and the sleeping Astro Boy version is definitely one to get your hands on.





Supreme Shoulder Bag Black


Supreme, a name synonymous with exclusive streetwear and urban culture, has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion. Among its coveted lineup of accessories, Supreme's shoulder bags have emerged as both style statements and functional carry companions. Supreme shoulder bags seamlessly blend style and utility, embodying the brand's commitment to delivering not just fashion but also practicality. Crafted with attention to detail, these bags form an important accessory to any outfit.





Aries Column Hoodie Mustard


Aries is renowned for its striking graphics and bold artwork, often featuring unique illustrations and unconventional designs. This Mustard flavoured hoodie, features red Aries branding on both sleeves and arms and the Aries Temple Logo on the chest area. The brand only uses 100% cotton and all items are specifically stated as unisex.





Supreme Gauge Beanie Black and Brown 


Supreme follows the rhythm of the seasons with strategic releases that align with both fashion trends and practicality. Whether it's a classic ribbed knit for winter warmth or a lightweight option for transitional seasons, Supreme beanies adapt to the ever-changing demands of street fashion. Styling a Supreme beanie is a fun activity. Mixing and matching with other Supreme items or incorporating it into an eclectic ensemble, these beanies provide endless styling possibilities.





Nike SB Dunk High Supreme Rammellzee


The highly anticipated Nike SB Dunk High Supreme Rammellzee was unveiled on August 31, 2023, marking an exciting collaboration between the legendary streetwear brand and the world of art. In this latest partnership, the iconic and vibrant artwork of Rammellzee takes center stage, adorning the majority of the sneaker's upper.

This daring sneaker seamlessly blends an abstract color palette throughout, complemented by understated white suede overlays on the mudguard and swoosh. From every perspective, the shoe exudes the audacious style synonymous with Supreme, harmoniously merging with Rammellzee's renowned artistry. The heel counter, toe box, and mid-panel showcase captivating designs that effortlessly align with the overall aesthetic of this remarkable collaboration.

These are just some of the new items available at Story. 

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