Considered by numerous experts in the sneaker industry as one of the greatest professional skateboarders in history, Horigome embarked on his skating journey at the tender age of 7. Over the years, he has achieved remarkable success, clinching prestigious accolades such as three gold medals at the X Games. Notably, during the 2020 Summer Olympics, he made history by becoming the inaugural skateboarder to secure a gold medal at the Olympic Games. With such an impressive track record, it's evident that Horigome possesses a profound understanding of skate shoes, knowing exactly what features contribute to superior performance on the skateboard. In September 2023 Yuto released his first signature collaboration sneaker with Nike SB





Crafted atop an immaculate all-white leather foundation, Horigome's interpretation of the widely admired skate shoe maintains a distinctly neutral aesthetic. Light grey overlays and rich, chocolatey brown suede contribute to the understated design.





Examining Horigome's sneaker history reveals a preference for a neutral aesthetic. Many of his designs feature all-white leather bases, accented with subtle light grey overlays and rich chocolatey brown suede. The understated color palette allows for versatility, making the sneakers suitable for both skateboarding sessions and casual wear. Horigome takes pride in incorporating elements of his Japanese culture into his sneaker designs. Custom graphics on insoles, such as the depiction of pink cherry blossom petals (Japan's national flower), showcase his commitment to paying homage to his roots while adding an artistic flair to the sneakers.





Yuto Horigome's journey through the world of sneakers is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between sports and fashion. His collaborations have not only elevated his personal brand but have also left an enduring mark on sneaker culture. As Horigome continues to push boundaries in both skateboarding and sneaker design, his influence on the intersection of athleticism and style is bound to grow.





The Yuto Horigome x SB Dunk is available at Story Cape Town while stocks last

Levi Niekerk