Patta boasts a rich football and jersey legacy, with its Amsterdam presence deepening the enduring connection between the Netherlands and Barcelona. The imprint also underscores the Dutch-Surinamese link within Barça, as its founders share this background, adding a distinctive touch to the player connection.
As Patta continues to make waves in the football world, the collaboration is a global conversation piece. It brings together fans from different corners of the world, uniting them under the shared passion for both football and cutting-edge streetwear. The collaboration's global impact reflects the universality of sport and style, transcending geographical boundaries.
Patta's collaboration within football is more than a meeting of industries; it's a narrative that intertwines the legacies of football, fashion, and cultural exchange. In this collaboration, Patta cements its place as a trendsetter and contributes to the ongoing dialogue between diverse communities, making an indelible mark on the intersection of sport and style.
Patta x FC Barcelona x Nike, released on October 13, features an extensive capsule collection. This includes jerseys, an anthem jacket and pants, hoodies, T-shirts, and a cap. Notably, the limited-edition Air Max Plus is also part of this highly anticipated release.
Crafted to bring together Blaugrana enthusiasts globally and extend a warm invitation to a new generation under the Colors of the World banner, the capsule draws creative inspiration from the human circulatory system. This unique design concept symbolizes the collective Barça passion flowing through the veins (blau) and arteries (grana) of fans, uniting them in a shared love for the club.

“At Patta, football is woven into our very fabric, part of our rich history through jerseys that embody the spirit of the game. This collaboration with FC Barcelona and Nike was a natural fit; we only pursue endeavours that align with our core values. Partnering on this collection has been a dream come true, a testament to our enduring passion for the beautiful game.”

The October 13 release marks a pivotal moment where the worlds of streetwear and football converge, inviting enthusiasts to celebrate the Colours of the World and the shared love for the beautiful game. 

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