The Nike Dunk, arguably Nike’s most versatile sneaker, was first introduced in 1985 as a high-top basketball sneaker. The campaign’s slogan was “Be True To Your School” and gave basketball teams and fans the opportunity to support their college by donning their team’s colours on their feet. The OG release was for the University of Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgetown, St. John’s, UNLV and Syracuse. The Nike Dunk was an instant classic largely because of its vibrant colourways and ties to some of the biggest colleges in the world.
Over the years, Nike has collaborated with numerous designers and brands to create limited edition versions of the Dunk. These collaborations helped catapult the Dunk forwards and is a large reason for the tremendous success. Arguably, the most famous collaboration is with Supreme which started in 2002. Another OG grail is the renowned collab with Concepts where the Nike SB Dunk Low Lobster was originally released in 2008 and saw a re-release in December 2022. The last notable collab was with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White. A number of different colourways have released over the years with a notable one being the “The 50” collection.

Released during the peak of Nike’s dunk hype, the Panda’s striking black and white colourway is a sneaker that goes with any outfit which has made it a wardrobe staple. It is a sneaker that still manages to sell out every time it gets restocked, and this hype doesn’t seem to be slowing down. To truly showcase the Dunk’s surge in popularity, Dunks grew from 3% of Nike’s sales in 2020 to a whopping 49% for 2022. An undeniable driving force behind this growth is The Panda Dunk.


We have a wide variety of Nike Dunks in stock and would like to showcase 5 of some of our favourites.



1. Nike Dunk Low “Community Garden” – Released in 2020, this Dunk is a very
unique colourway. It is made from canvas material that has a variety of
colours such as turquoise, denim and yellow.



2. Nike Dunk Low “Brazil” – Donning Brazil’s iconic bright green and yellow, this dunk has a bright pop of colour and is a re-release of the same sneaker that
debuted in 2001.



3. Nike Dunk Low Off-White “Lot 24” – A truly iconic collab delivered a fantastic sneaker collection that was made of 50 different iterations. The “Lot 24” reimagined a classic grey dunk by adding pink laces and a purple tongue and


4. Nike Dunk Low “Lemon Drop” – An obvious link between the name and the
colourway, the “Lemon Drop” released in 2021. It features cream and yellow
colours with a distinct lemon on the outside of the heel.



5. Nike Dunk Low “Year Of The Rabbit” – A recent release, this Dunk pays
tribute to the 2011 Air Force One “Year of the Rabbit” release. It has bright
blue laces and lining and a red swoosh made from “Fur”.

If you like our recommendations or want to check out what other Dunks we have in stock, head over to Nike Dunk to order online and have your new sneakers delivered straight to your door.

Levi Niekerk