Story is a Premium Sneaker, Collectibles and Apparel consignment store that was started in 2020 by two renowned South African sneakerheads. It was created to take advantage of an opportunity to provide sneaker enthusiasts with a place that guaranteed authentic products by having an atmosphere that was trustworthy and safe. Achieving this meant starting a sneaker store that allowed customers to learn more about our premium products, be confident that they were authentic, and leave having had an overall great experience.



Our name originated from Sneaker Stories and comes from the fact that all products have a story to tell. These unique stories are attached to individual products and stem from their history, design and reasons for specific collaborations. Special nuances and deep stories are often overlooked when purchasing sneakers, apparel and collectibles. Every product has a story, and we aim to showcase this.




Our mission was to create a consignment store that provides customers with an overall one-of-a-kind experience when shopping for exclusive items. Story, located in 166 Buitengracht street in Cape Town, has a carefully designed store in order to showcase our wide range of inventory. Since opening, we have built our brand through creating our own range of Story branded items and collaborations. Besides having our own brand, we have a curation of some of the most exclusive products from global brands such as Supreme, Jordan, Nike, Yeezy and Palace, to name a few. Story’s team of specialists carefully authenticates every item that gets consigned and consigned items range from brand-new and high-end to pre-loved steals.



Our vision for the future is to continue expanding into new markets by adding value through superior customer experience. Part of this will be to continue improving the experience for both buyers and sellers and to use this to conquer the sneaker and apparel space in South Africa. After cementing our foothold in South Africa, making a mark in Africa is our next step. We aim to grow by providing value to our customers throughout their product journey. As part of our one-of-a-kind experience, we exclusively offer “Item Requests” which is where you can request for an item to be sourced for you. These items can range from apparel to very rare, limited-edition sneakers.

The greatest thing about Story is that our customers come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We have something special for everyone and offer a space where people can integrate at one level that is the appreciation for bespoke products, collectibles and sneakers.

We are Story and this was our Story, be part of helping us write our next chapter by visiting our store or shopping online.

Chris Howard
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