Notable collabs include collections with other iconic brands and artists such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Damien Hirst.



Supreme has also gained a reputation for its strong branding and marketing efforts. The brand’s iconic red and white box logo is instantly recognisable, and Supreme has created numerous viral campaigns that have helped them stay at the forefront of Streetwear culture. Arguably their most iconic marketing campaign was taking out a front-page advert in the New York Post that simply featured their iconic logo. Beyond their fashion and lifestyle offerings, Supreme has also become a cultural phenomenon, with a strong connection to skateboarding, hip-hop, and street culture. They have been referenced in countless songs and its collaborations with musicians like Public Enemy and Neil Young have further cemented their place in pop culture. With its unique style, branding, and marketing, Supreme has become a symbol of creativity and individuality in the fashion world.



Despite their global success, Supreme has remained true to its roots and continues to release limited edition drops and collaborations from its original store location in downtown Manhattan. However, Supreme has grown drastically since 1994 and although drops are still happening at the original store, Supreme has also expanded into more than 15 stores across the globe. The latest addition is the moving of their Los Angeles store from Fairfax to West Hollywood.




Their new space includes a floating skate bowl and a number of art pieces from the likes of Neckface and Mark Gonzales. Their store announcement was done in classic Supreme style and used a Supreme-branded helicopter that flew around the Hollywood sign.



Supreme has a longstanding relationship with Hanes and they produce a range of simple but quality items every year. The most popular Hanes items are usually the Supreme branded socks, plain T-shirts with a small Supreme logo and boxer briefs. All of these are currently stocked in white and black colourways in a variety of sizes. Arguably the most iconic Supreme pieces are their box logo T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Besides stocking a few box logos, we also have a wide range of Supreme hoodies that are fantastic quality and perfect for the winter season.



Due to the nature of Supreme and their drops, there are new limited pieces coming in weekly and come in an abundance of style and colour options. Supreme has cemented themselves as a global fashion brand and a fan favourite among collectors, fashion enthusiasts and skaters. We are constantly getting in new Supreme pieces so make sure you visit our website regularly or come check out our store to see what’s new.



Levi Niekerk