Fast-forward to early 2023 and we finally got an official Nike x Tiffany collab. The Nike x Tiffany collaboration is taking the fashion world by storm! The two iconic brands have finally come together to create the perfect combination of style, comfort and luxury with the Nike x Tiffany “1837” Air Force 1s. These sleek sneakers feature a classic Air Force 1 with a Tiffany Blue swoosh. The Air Force 1 is crafted from premium black suede with other parts of the sneaker being made from leather. The materials used throughout the sneaker are as premium as can be and helps to justify the R7 500 retail price tag. This sneaker will undoubtedly be one of the best quality shoes that Nike will release for a very long time. Besides the high quality, other small details are a silver Tiffany tongue tag and a sterling silver Tiffany-branded plate on the heel. This plate has the number 925 on it which pays tribute to Tiffany’s roots. 925 signifies the standard that Tiffany set for silver jewellery which is 925 parts per 1 000. This standard is still in use to this day.



This partnership shows that brands can unite to create pieces that are bigger than themselves and that working together can produce legendary products. This collab was a unique blend of sport and luxury, appealing to sneaker enthusiasts, luxury fashion fans and jewellery lovers. Overall, the Nike x Tiffany “1837” Air Force 1s is a striking and stylish shoe that represents the successful collaboration between two leading brands in their respective industries. These definitely have what it takes to become a future grail for most sneakerheads so be sure to get your hands on these now! You can contact us on our website, via email or DM us on Instagram to get your pair sourced for you.




Levi Niekerk