Timberland, the seasoned American workwear brand with over seven decades of history, made an unforgettable statement at Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 in Paris. While many brands strive to dominate Fashion Weeks through sponsorship and sheer visibility, Timberland's unique approach and transparency set it apart. This year, no brand claimed Paris Fashion Week quite like Timberland, with its iconic 6" boot, affectionately known as "Timbs," taking center stage.
What distinguished Timberland's strategy was its upfront clarity about its goals, and remarkably, it proved to be highly successful. The brand's presence at FW24 was not just about fashion; it was a strategic move that resonated with both enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. Timberland's impact was undeniable, and its signature 6" boot, the "Timbs," became the most visible shoe throughout the event.  
The buzz began on January 12 when Louis Vuitton's menswear design team casually teased a collaborative Timberland boot overseen and worn by creative director Pharrell Williams. The mere mention of this collaboration led to a significant spike in Timberland-related searches, with Google Trends revealing nearly doubled inquiries on that day alone. Top queries included "Timberland Louis Vuitton price" and "Pharrell Timberlands."
The collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Timberland became a major cultural moment, reminiscent of other iconic partnerships like LV x Nike. Timberland could have easily rested on this , as an LV collaboration is a highlight for most companies. However, Timberland seized the momentum, continuing to make waves throughout FW24. 
Timbs full of sparkling sequins graced the runway at Wales Bonner's FW24 show, making appearances at two other collaborators' presentations. Timberland's triumph was further underscored by the coincidence of favorable weather during Fashion Week, almost as if fate itself intervened to ensure the prominence of Timbs. As of the time of writing, Timberland is capitalizing on its success with a "Je T'imbs" banner proudly displayed on its website's front page.
Fashion Week often serves as a platform for brands to generate buzz around new endeavors. Still, Timberland's decision to double down on a shoe already deeply ingrained in popular culture gave them an early lead in capturing attention. The Louis Vuitton collaboration was undoubtedly a catalyst for free press, but Timberland's 6" boot had already established itself as a venerable cultural icon.
The success formula for Timberland included the one-two-three punch of the LV collaboration, timely partnerships, intelligent activations, and the inherent appeal of Timbs. Even as first-look images of Drake's second Timbs collaboration circulate online, Timberland's moment in the spotlight is far from over.
As part of the conglomerate that operates Supreme, The North Face, and Vans, Timberland has demonstrated its strategic prowess. In the fast-paced fashion industry, a brand is only as good as its last big moment, and Timberland's Timbs is undeniably having a huge moment right now with the promise of more to come.


Adam Jordan Moosa