The Nike SB team remains active in crafting SB Dunk Lows that resonate with the sneaker community while tying them to different cultures such as different skating brands. This year's releases highlight two significant collaborations, one with Futura and another with VERDY, both familiar names in the realm of skate-ready sneakers. However, introducing a fresh perspective, THERE Skateboards has recently teased its own colorway, adding an intriguing dynamic to the lineup. With these partnerships and the anticipation surrounding new releases, the SB Dunk Low continues to assert its relevance and appeal within sneaker culture.
Founded by Jeffrey Cheung, the inclusive West Coast-based skate team is on a mission to push boundaries and foster every sort of community. While the group rejects being pigeonholed as solely a queer collective, it prides itself on being a welcoming space primarily composed of queer skaters. Jeffrey, known for his involvement in the Unity project alongside partner Gabriel Ramirez, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the team. Despite diverse backgrounds and interests, the common thread among members is a deep-seated love for skateboarding, uniting them in their pursuit of inclusivity and camaraderie within the skateboarding community.
The upcoming collaboration with THERE Skateboards presents a striking color scheme, with a dark gray base complemented by lighter gray overlays. Delicate white illustrations adorn the overlays, creating a captivating visual contrast. Adding depth to the palette, forest green accents grace the leather Swooshes, laces, and lining. A unique touch comes in the form of a special silver dubrae and a reimagined version of the traditional Nike SB tongue branding. The design is rounded off with a sleek black midsole and a vibrant green outsole, offering a preview that promises both style and functionality.
Adam Jordan Moosa