Virgil Abloh was born in 1980 in Rockford, Illinois to Ghanaian parents who had emigrated to the United States from Accra. Abloh developed an early passion for skateboarding which he credited with sparking his first interest in fashion and later music. In 2002 while at university he met Kanye West, another unorthodox thinker. Kanye was so impressed upon meeting Virgil that he made him  his ‘creative director’. West’s influence undoubtedly steered Abloh towards luxury fashion: the two even worked alongside each other as interns at Fendi. 
The merging of streetwear and luxury cliché has become so common today it's practically a necessity for high fashion houses to exploit it. In the mid-noughties however, around the time that Abloh launched PYREX VISION, it was still a radical act. Large graphic designs and influence from skateboarding brands like Supreme was just unheard of being mentioned in the same realm of high fashion and was actually looked down upon in the industry.

PYREX ( which would later become OFF WHITE ) was Virgil's first step of taking the chip off the high fashion man's shoulder. Virgil was really now making a mockery of fashion tradition and history. OFF WHITE became one of the hottest and controversial brands of the 2010-2019 decade. Selling shoes with the words ‘“SHOELACES” on them that cost upwards of $500, rugby fleece with the tags OFF WHITE and PYREX slapped on the back, rugs made of artificial grass turf reading “WET GRASS” that was spray painted on. The industry was NOT happy, calling Virgil a sell out and his brand problematic. 

This however fueled the fire that was about to crash and burn the high fashion man's dignity.



In 2017 OFF WHITE signed a deal with Nike which would take the crossover between high fashion and streetwear into a crazy upwards spiral. This ten piece collaborative sneaker deal put OFF WHITE at the forefront of anything fashion and streetwear culture. “The Ten” broke  collaborative sneaker boundaries, this was nothing we had ever seen before.



Resell prices were absolutely through the roof and kids and skaters were now allowed to have access to these insane must have luxury pieces??? It left the high fashion man and everybody else scratching their heads on how this so-called “con” was the leading face of culture at the time. 

Virgil continuously proved his haters wrong, landing a position within LVMH at Louis Vuitton as lead designer of the fashion power house in 2018. At Louis Vuitton we really saw a redefined Virgil Abloh, he was finally accepted. We learnt what he truly was all about: evaluating and rethinking what we call “normal” in a poetic and significant way.



At Story we believe that Virgil Abloh's legacy should live on in the form of his own art. Thus you can find and shop everything OFF WHITE here.

Including the exclusive OFF WHITE x Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1s which were released posthumously. 

Levi Niekerk