Supreme Bless Tapestry Down Puffer Jacket Multicolour
Tapestry is a rich and intricate work of art that transcends mere fabric and thread, weaving together a tapestry of stories, emotions, and cultural nuances. Each thread represents a unique narrative, and the vibrant colours harmonize to create a visual symphony. The art of tapestry-making dates back centuries, serving not only as a form of aesthetic expression but also as a historical record. The BlessSupreme logo is intricately woven into the fabric, creating a dynamic and eye-catching tapestry that captures the essence of street culture. The interplay of colours and patterns not only reflects the brand's avant-garde design ethos but also pays homage to the diverse influences that shape street fashion.
A Bathing Ape Bape Sta Green 

Crafted to become a daily staple in the wardrobe of any streetwear enthusiast, this sneaker was part of a  BAPE STA  sneaker collection that seamlessly merges style, comfort, and top-notch quality. With a sleek silhouette, these sneakers were released this year in three captivating colour options white, blue, and mint green providing wearers with the opportunity to showcase their unique style with an urban edge.
What distinguishes the BAPE STA is its impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each pair features a pristine white sole, creating a striking contrast that enhances the overall visual appeal. Constructed from opulent caviar leather, these sneakers exude a premium look and feel, radiating sophistication. BAPE has succeeded in crafting a shoe that not only complements a variety of outfits but also seamlessly integrates into everyday style. With its flawless design and exceptional craftsmanship, the BAPE STA stands as a must-have for fashion-forward individuals aiming to elevate their streetwear aesthetic.
Palace Washed Out Tri-Ferg Hood Green
Palace's Tri-Ferg Hoodies are a testament to the brand's commitment to both style and quality. Each hoodie boasts a trifecta of the brand's instantly recognisable logo – the Tri-Ferg. This emblematic motif, a trio of distorted triangles arranged in a circular formation, not only serves as a symbol of authenticity but also as a bold statement of geometric individuality. Crafted from premium materials in a mint colour, this hoodie provides a luxurious feel that goes beyond mere streetwear.
BAPE ABC Camo Side Shark Sweat Shorts Green
BAPE's Camo Shorts are a celebration of the brand's signature aesthetic, featuring the instantly recognizable BAPE camo pattern. The shorts effortlessly infuse a dose of edginess and individuality into casual streetwear. With the resurgence of Jorts and longer-cut shorts, flooding the market, what better way to throw it even further back than with these BAPE Camo sweatshorts.
Stussy Basic Stussy Hoodie 
The revival of Stüssy can be attributed to several factors. One key element is the brand's ability to balance nostalgia with contemporary relevance. Stüssy's archive of classic designs has been revisited and reimagined, offering a fresh take on beloved pieces that resonates with both longtime fans and a new wave of streetwear enthusiasts. Therefore at first glance, the Stüssy Basic Hoodie may seem like a straightforward piece, but its simplicity is the key to its widespread appeal. This hoodie exudes a laid-back yet refined aesthetic, making it a versatile choice for a range of occasions.  The Stussy Basic Hoodie is available in a variety of different colours at Story. 
Represent Mascot T-Shirt Flat White & Black
Crafted from premium cotton, the Represent Mascot T-Shirts deliver a comfortable and relaxed fit, making them suitable for everyday wear. Whether navigating city streets or making a statement at a social gathering, these tees effortlessly blend comfort and style, becoming a wardrobe staple for those who embrace the urban lifestyle. In the age of social media and influencer culture, the Represent Mascot T-Shirts have found a natural home. Celebrities and fashion influencers proudly showcase these tees, amplifying the brand's reach and solidifying its status as a trendsetter in the streetwear landscape.
Stussy Bucket Hat SS Link Knit 
What sets the SS Link Bucket Hat apart is its versatility. It effortlessly complements a range of outfits, from casual streetwear ensembles to more polished looks. The hat's ability to transition seamlessly from the skate park to the city streets speaks to Stüssy's commitment to creating pieces that resonate with the dynamic lifestyle of its diverse audience. We are currently heading into Summer time in local Cape Town at the moment and these buckets will be perfect for hitting the Summer festivals and beaches through December.
Corteiz Shotta Tracksuit set
Corteiz is not just a brand, it's become a bit of a movement in the streets of London. A cultural force that challenges norms and celebrates the diversity of individual expression. With its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and authenticity, Corteiz is carving its path in the tapestry of streetwear, inviting fashion enthusiasts to join a community where every garment tells a story of urban elegance and self-discovery. The physical installations by the brand create widespread excitement when they make appearances on the streets, completely dominating major cities such as New York, Paris, and its hometown of London.
This momentum has steadily grown, especially following its collaboration with Nike, drawing fresh interest in its clothing designs from diverse demographics worldwide. The broad appeal among Corteiz enthusiasts, spanning various age groups and genders, is vividly reflected in the brand's latest collection including this exclusive black and red tracksuit. The Corteiz Shotta Tracksuit is sold separately as two different items at Story.
Nike SB Dunk Low Pro ISO Orange Label Court Purple 
The SB Dunk's journey is intertwined with the rise of skateboarding as a cultural force. Nike's decision to tailor a shoe specifically for skateboarders led to the birth of the SB Dunk in 2002. The initial designs featured enhanced cushioning, a lower profile, and vibrant colour schemes, catering to the unique needs and styles of skateboarders. However, what began as a performance shoe quickly found its way into mainstream street fashion, captivating a much broader audience and is an excellent sneaker to up your footlocker game.
Billionaire Boys Club x Ice Cream College Varsity Jacket Navy
Established in 2004, ICECREAM operates as a branch under the umbrella of Billionaire Boys Club. The inception of Billionaire Boys Club dates back to 2003 when Pharrell Williams and NIGO first founded it. Since then, the brand has solidified its presence in both the fashion and music industries, renowned for its distinctive arch logo and astronaut mascot, becoming a fixture in the cultural landscape. This Varsity Jacket is an extremely lucrative piece made from high-quality materials.
These are just some of the best new pieces to come through the door at Story and are available while stocks last in-store and online.
Adam Jordan Moosa