After what felt like an overlyextended period of anticipation, the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 'Medellín Sunset' has arrived. Collaborating with the Reggaeton sensation, this sneaker not only marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic basketball silhouette but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to J Balvin's hometown.





J Balvin has had a notable and ongoing collaboration with the Jordan Brand. He is known for working on special editions of Air Jordan sneakers that often feature unique designs and color schemes inspired by his personal style and cultural influences. Balvin's collaborations with Jordan Brand have gained attention not only for their distinct aesthetics but also for the stories and themes behind each release.




Adorned in a complete leather ensemble, Balvin's interpretation of Michael Jordan's third signature shoe comes in a rich, off-white color scheme. Vibrant yellow accents provide striking contrast throughout the entire upper. The distinctive elephant print panels of the AJ3 embellish both the front and back, while the midsole features a translucent rubber outsole adorned with a constellation of stars. Infused with Nike's Air technology, it ensures additional comfort and cushioning.
Adding to the allure are the captivating multicolored heel badges. Drawing inspiration from the stunning sunsets of Medellín, Balvin's birthplace, these badges transition from purple to yellow. Adorned with Balvin's trademark lightning bolt smiley, this gradient effect extends to the personalized insoles and the shoebox.
“I wanted people to feel that they were wearing Prada,” Balvin told Complex. “But they were wearing Jordan, a J Balvin-Jordan collab, Air Jordan, Air Balvin. So everything is super clean, all black or all khaki, just simple, but strong.”
Balvin is no stranger to the Jordan Brand scene. In 2020, he introduced the Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Colores Y Vibras,' and in 2022, he continued the trend with an Air Jordan 2 inspired by clouds. There's speculation circulating that he's gearing up for another release, the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 'Rio,' a forthcoming tribute to his two-year-old son, Rio.
“The sunset to me always reminds me, it's a new opportunity, it's the next day coming. I'm telling the story of my city, Medellín. It's like, we were going through the hardest moment and then we switched that energy into positive”
Balvin set the foundation, and now fellow artists in his community are enjoying the rewards. Bad Bunny has a thriving collaboration with Adidas, and Anuel AA has secured a partnership with Reebok. The Colombian sensation consistently shows support for his fellow Latino artists, expressing his admiration for Bad Bunny in his second Sneaker Shopping with Complex in 2021.
You can find the new J Balvin release here at Story.
Levi Niekerk