If you're not yet familiar with READYMADE , it seems you've been residing under a rather uninspired rock for the past half-decade. This celebrated Japanese label, born from the creative mind of Yuta Hosokawa, has been transforming drab US Army surplus gear into coveted fashion pieces, complete with adorable Kermit frogs fetching prices upwards of $500 ( Exactly… How have you not heard about it? ) 
With a triumphant finish to 2019 marked by a collaboration with Diesel Red Tag, Hosokawa now has his sights set on a new transcontinental venture with Cali Thornhill Dewitt, aptly named Saint Michael. And let us assure you, it's nothing short of extraordinary.
For those who do not know of Dewitt, his association with Kubo from Tokyo's GR8 may ring a bell, or perhaps his collaborations with none other than Mr Kanye West, now formally known as Ye. Introduced through mutual connections, Hosokawa and Dewitt embarked on a journey that birthed Saint Michael. Unveiled in Paris of January 2020, the first collection showcased their ideal vision: a fusion of streetwear essentials with a distinctly weathered, time-honored aesthetic.
"We process everything by hand. We are trying to create a new street style, and the keyword is vintage. It is totally different from READYMADE; it is a new brand. Each piece is different."  
 - Yuta Hosakawa
Indeed, the pieces exude character, offering a refreshing departure from the mundane offerings saturating today's market.
Collaborating seamlessly, Hosokawa and Dewitt breathe life into each garment, infusing them with a sense of history. Take, for instance, the 30-thread cotton hoodies, distressed in a large drum tumbler, perfectly showcasing Dewitt's distinctive religious iconography and rebellious punk motifs. 
“I’m all about vintage clothing, and I dig through documents from the past and discover many things.” 
- Yuta Hosakawa
Both Hosakawas and Dewitt’s independent fashion sense blend perfectly together to create a confluence that exuberates a tactile feel onto every Saint Michael piece that is hard to replicate in today's market.
“So really touching things, feeling things, it’s a different way of experiencing things and we are all used to experiencing digitally right now. But there is always another generation, and you give them something analog and they are really excited.” 
- Cali Thornhill Dewitt
When the analog and tactile graphical approach of St. Michael is mentioned it's difficult to not think of another brand that has recently emerged in the streetwear scene. That being Sofia Prantera’s Aries. Aries has steadfastly forged its own path, guided by a bold aesthetic and an irreverent attitude making them a perfect suitor for a collaboration with Dewitt’s brand.
The two brands come together and form a range of meticulous hoodies, crews and jackets which are extremely hard to come by.
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Adam Jordan Moosa