KITH has once again pushed the boundaries with its latest venture, a collaboration between Kith's visionary Ronnie Fieg and digital artist Markus Magnusson of Invisible Friends.
The realms of physical fashion and digital art come together in an ambitious project known as "Kith Friends." This ambitious endeavour seeks to blur the boundaries between the tangible and the virtual collectible world using artistry and blockchain technology to create a collection of digital collectibles.
This ambitious project sees the release of 8 1/1 and 3 larger edition NFTs through the OpenSea platform. Each NFT depicts a distinctive character created by Invisible Friends, adding a touch of creativity to the digital landscape. These characters will not only be crucial to the Kith for Invisible Friends collection which was launched in February 2023 but also the ASICS collaboration with Ronnie Fieg, further stamping down this idea of integrating  digital fashion into real-world apparel.
Obviously just like with NFTs, the allure of Kith Friends lies in its exclusivity. Only those who have purchased the project's NFTs will have the privilege of purchasing items and accessories from the Kith for Invisible Friends collection. This unique model ensures that NFT holders are not just passive collectors but active participants in the fashion experience, fostering a sense of community and engagement within the digital fashion ecosystem.  In addition to exclusive access to the collection, NFT holders will receive additional perks, including a bomber jacket, a crewneck, and a cap at no extra cost. These rewards serve as incentives of appreciation for their support to the project, further motivating the value proposition of owning Kith Friends NFTs.
The Kith and Invisible Friends collaboration is also driven by social impact. All proceeds from the sale of NFTs will be donated to the Kings Against Violence Initiative, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organisation dedicated to combating youth violence in New York City. By aligning their efforts with a worthy cause, Kith and Invisible Friends put forward a project that impacts the fashion world but through a philanthropic approach.
You were able to purchase these NFTs on a hub created on Opensea, which is one of the go to marketplace for purchasing NFTs. This centralised hub offers all the necessary guidance for navigating the world of digital fashion and securing a coveted spot in this collaboration, adding to the exclusivity. 
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Adam Jordan Moosa