Euro 2024 is on the horizon and set to kick off in Germany on June 14th. Each nation has officially announced and showcased their latest kits and attire they will be sporting next month. At Story we love trends and blokecore is certainly something that has become intensely popular over the last year. Therefore we’ve decided to look through some of the most stylish (and not so stylish) jerseys that have been revealed thus far and have ranked them based purely on their sartorial stature. With the increasing number of football fashion icons in the game… ahem Mr Jules Kounde, it has proven that looking good on and off the pitch is just as important as your performances nowadays anyway, so why not?
England Away
Wow, wow, wow… just wow… England, it may not come home this year but we know which shirt is coming home with us. This kit is absolutely beautiful. The shade of purple with the gold accents is classy, clean and compelling. The details running down the side of the shirt are done impeccably well to create in our minds hands down the best shirt at Euro 2024. The thought of Jude and Kobbie Mainoo in this shirt next month is cold.
Germany Away
In second place we have England’s arch rivals Germany’s away kit. Another purple themed kit but in a different sense. This kit is loud, colourful and almost playful. This jersey was definitely easy to mess up, however the designers got the colours and proportions of the triangle gradient pattern spot on allowing it to look different but not repulsive. Well done Germany.
Serbia Away
Are we sensing a pattern here? Another away kit completes the podium in the form of Serbia’s partnership with Puma. As sneakerheads, we LOVE the colour sail and this kit is too clean. The colours and simplicity of this kit works extremely well, the shade of cream is perfect, the shade of red is perfect and the shade of blue is just delightful.. it just works. The collar is one of the best aspects about Serbia’s away kit and Puma deserves huge praise for it.
Germany Home
A trip back to the host nation for the first home kit on the list. Inspired by Germany’s 1994 jersey, this kit is retro and definitely one of the best jerseys on this list to wear in an everyday streetwear outfit. A great attire to send off the great Toni Kroos as he hangs up his boots after this tournament.
Italy Away
Another retro inspired football kit, the alternating patterns of red and green on the shoulder to create the Italian flag is a lovely touch. ( Minus points for looking a bit minty though)
Hungary Away
We are judging these football kits on how good they look as a whole while fully knowing that the kit makers don’t necessarily design the crest and badge but my goodness, Hungary’s badge is horrible. Maybe a bit harsh because the rest of the kit is beautiful, super retro and basic but gets the job done in many ways.
England Home
It’s official, England has the best kits at euro 2024. The home crest is simple yet has those tiny ingredients that sets it apart from being boring. The use of red and white on the edge of the sleeves is a simple yet necessary touch of detail.
Belgium Home
Belgium’s golden generation is going to look extremely good on the pitch next month. This kit oozes class, we just wish the collar was redesigned.
Georgia Away
This kit screams antagonistic vibes. Dark and sleek with hints of red making it look futuristic and even quite sinister. Great addition form Macron.
Portugal Away
According to Nike, this kit is inspired by the unique azulejo tiles that are commonly seen throughout the country. A great design backstory that holds cultural significance and it's stylish, really hard to argue with that.
France Away
This kit is everything the French home kit should have been. So why does this one not have that stupid lopsided collar Nike?
France Home
This kit is possibly one of the most disappointing kits. It is a really really good jersey, its super retro and the big French emblem crest is actually a nice touch. Unfortunately however the shape of that collar ruins this one for the French. Sacre Bleu!
Spain Away
This is a very controversial pick. As it seems, you either hate this kit or you love it and we really don’t mind it! In fact it’s pretty cool. The urine comparisons are seriously unwarranted…
Scotland Away
The icy base colour with the fruity grape lines is a jazzy touch. Can definitely see big John Mcginn scoring a worldie in this one–while looking good!
Scotland Home
The colours are great on this jersey but something about that pattern looks like it belongs on a carpet rather than a football shirt.
Portugal Home
Great shade of red, it's almost regal. The Portuguese emblem is always a hard carry for Portugal kits which is a massive bonus but that collar is unnecessary and stupid.
Switzerland Away
The three central badges and emblems makes this kit extremely clean but it is lacking something(maybe a sail base instead of a white one).
Belgium Away
Adidas went in the right direction here but the execution could have been better. The collar is great but the gold Adidas logo does not match with the white stripes down the side but overall is a really nice looking kit. The kit is inspired by Tintin which adds a great novelty to the design.
Croatia Away
Much better than the home kit, allowing for smaller, diagonal checks. Reminds us of the Chelsea 2018-19 kit however.
Austria Away
Overall a great simple kit. The green accents are a nice touch but seems like a copy and paste from Puma, a bit repetitive.
Czech Republic Home
Great design aspects individuality but doesn't work in harmony. This kit is a bit too much and overwhelming for our liking. The blue on the collar doesn't make sense either.
Czech Republic Away
A toned down version of the home kit, again a bit boring from Puma.
Spain Home
The really weird finish on the fabric gives it an oily pearlescent touch that has gone wrong. It ruins an otherwise solid kit.
Adam Jordan Moosa