Kith has built a strong following among young people thanks to its fashionable designs and support for up-and-coming designers. Another significant factor that has led to their success is their collaborations.  



Kith has collaborated with a number of high-profile brands such as Adidas, Nike, BMW and Tommy Hilfiger. These collabs have helped to raise their profile even further. Kith x Adidas is always a collab that delivers high-quality and highly sought after pieces. One of their most popular releases was a sports collection that featured football (soccer) apparel such as kits and tracksuits. Kith continued to build on their relationship with Adidas with the recent release of the Kith x Adidas Sambas. This saw Kith add their own touch to one of Adidas’s most iconic sneakers.



Another huge collab, and arguably their most ground-breaking, was the Kith x BMW collab. Car enthusiasts and sneaker/streetwear enthusiasts often share a mutual love for rarity and quality, but car and streetwear brands have seldomly collaborated together. The Kith x BMW collab saw the collection releasing a variety apparel that featured joint branding and even a replica toy BMW M3 E30 car. What really set the world of streetwear alight was the releasing of 150 limited BMW M4 Competition Coupés that had specially designed interior and Kith branding.



In just a few short years, Kith has gone from a small clothing store in New York City to one of the most respected brands in the streetwear world. Their rise to prominence has been fuelled by their unique take on design, collaborative partnerships, and commitment to community.



Kith's stores are more than just places to buy clothes, they're community hubs where people can come together and share their love of fashion and culture. The brand has opened several flagship stores in major cities around the world, each with its own distinct identity. They recently announced their newest store which is their second store in Brooklyn. The store has a circular design and features a beautiful wooden dome in the middle. Simplicity, elegance and innovation would best describe this store and it is clear that every inch of the store was carefully designed and thought out. 



Their testament to creating the best customer experience at different levels has elevated them to the forefront of being a brand with personality and purpose. Kith is simply more than just a clothing brand, they're a cultural force that is shaping the future of streetwear and customer experience. Their unique approach to design, collaborative partnerships, and commitment to community make them a brand to watch for years to come. Check out what Kith products we have online or shop in-store at 166 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.  



Levi Niekerk