Tom Sachs’ artistic endeavors are as extensive as they are innovative, ranging from bricolage sculptures and deconstructed furniture to full-scale interpretations of NASA’s Mars missions. One of the most intriguing chapters in his career is his ongoing collaboration with Nike. This partnership, known as NIKECRAFT, epitomizes NIKE’s philosophy that "better is temporary." Since 2012, this collaboration has yielded a series of groundbreaking resell market products, including the highly sought-after Mars Yard.
The Mars Yard , first launched in May 2012, was inspired by Sachs’ interactions with NASA’s specialized scientists and designed as high-performance gear for his Space Program 2.0: Mars exhibition.
"At Nike, products are developed for athletes, not consumers," Tom Sachs emphasizes.
But what makes the Mars Yard 2.0 so expensive today?
First and foremost, the Mars Yard 2.0 isn’t just a shoe; it’s part of cultural art. Tom Sachs’ design philosophy prioritizes transparency and the value of the handmade, which is evident in every stitch of the Mars Yard 2.0. The sneaker upholds a high level of craftsmanship, transforming it from mere footwear into a collectible piece of art. This unique blend of art and functionality significantly contributes to its high value.
The limited availability is a primary driver of its high price. Produced in small, exclusive batches, this scarcity along with the contradictive “inclusive” claims fuels a robust secondary market where prices skyrocketed, often reaching several times the original retail price. The exclusivity and rarity of the Mars Yard 2.0 add a premium to its cost, making it a coveted item for collectors and enthusiasts. The collaboration with Nike, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, further amplifies the value of the sneaker as it quickly became a staple of legacy in the sneaker community. Nike’s involvement ensures that the shoe not only meets high aesthetic standards but also delivers on the technology side of things.
The Mars Yard 2.0 holds a unique place in both the art and sneaker communities. Its connection to NASA and the story behind its creation imbue it with cultural and historical significance that few other shoes can match. Collectors feel they are acquiring a piece of history and a symbol of human ingenuity and exploration. Therefore the sneaker is designed with the same rigor and precision as aerospace equipment, the Mars Yard is built to last. High-quality materials ensure that the shoe can withstand everyday work use while maintaining in tact. The 2.0 replaces the original  with a polyester warp-knit tricot mesh, a more breathable material that induces fewer internal hotspots. On the outside of the sneaker, the tread inverted for more appropriate wear in urban environments. This durability adds to its value as the NIKECRAFT tag came with broad claims. 


Adam Jordan Moosa