In the bustling world of streetwear fashion, where self-expression meets urban culture, one name has risen to prominence, capturing the essence of edgy style and refined elegance – Corteiz.  
Originally created in 2017, the brand was founded by the once-mysterious 26-year-old British-Nigerian university student named Clint.
  Within the past five years, the brand’s logo of Alcatraz Island has blown up and is now spotted everywhere. Naturally, their garments have been frequently sighted on UK rap stars such as Central Cee, Slowthai, Stormzy, and Dave. But recently, some of the biggest celebs have given Corteiz their seal of approval. At the heart of Corteiz's identity lies an innovative design philosophy that blends urban aesthetics with a touch of refinement. Each Corteiz creation is a statement piece that captures the spirit of the streets while embracing elements of high fashion. From graphic tees to statement outerwear, every item is meticulously crafted to convey a sense of confidence, empowering wearers to express their individuality with authenticity and style.

Surprisingly, Corteiz’s social media pages were originally private. For a while, new customers could only learn about the brand’s latest releases if their “follow” requests were accepted by Clint. The brand basically grew off just supporters being in the know. Streetwear brands usually carve out a specific day of the week or time for their drops. Instead, Corteiz moves spontaneously. Their drops are cryptically revealed, times are unveiled randomly, and the only way to access the drop is by entering a password shared via email, Twitter, or Instagram. This online drop model has made Corteiz notoriously difficult to purchase, but it has built a digital streetwear cult that closely follows all the brand’s moves. Corteiz's in-person releases resemble exciting hypebeast quests, akin to scavenger hunts, where the ultimate reward is a discounted or complimentary Corteiz item. Similar to their online launches, the details about the location and timing of these exclusive drops are revealed in a somewhat ambiguous manner prior to their availability. On the day of the drop, Corteiz unveils GPS coordinates pinpointing the exact drop location. This results in what can be described as impromptu gatherings, reminiscent of flash mobs, all vying for the opportunity to acquire a valuable and uncommon Corteiz item at minimal or no expense.

Among Clint's prominent advocates in the fashion realm, the notable figure of the late Virgil Abloh stands out. Abloh took to social media, donning one of the brand's Alcatraz logo hoodies and even captured an Instagram moment seated alongside Clint. A particularly noteworthy endorsement occurred during the 2021 Met Gala, where Abloh showcased his support by revealing that he chose to wear Corteiz socks to the prestigious event.





The brand possesses a robust visual persona, encompassing everything from distinctive joggers to balaclavas. Corteiz stands as a unique example where the community genuinely embodies a crucial facet of the brand's essence, rooted in principles and beliefs that defy societal norms by forging a uniform. This collection of apparel serves as a conduit, effectively conveying both the brand's values and the vision of its founder.





Corteiz's most significant recent release offered followers the opportunity to acquire its distinctive black cargo pants for a mere ‘99p’. Accompanied by a Labri-directed, point-of-view campaign that took inspiration from the iconic market stalls synonymous with the UK, Clint once more harnessed his brand's community, igniting an atmosphere akin to a lively festival. Enthusiastic fans hustled to transform their loose change into a highly anticipated and affordably-priced product, generating an electrifying buzz around the event.





The captivating "us against the world" mentality is precisely what lends intrigue to Corteiz's collaboration with Nike. As revealed by the founder himself while introducing the joint Air Max 95 model, the collaboration with Nike has been a long-held aspiration for both him and his brand, a dream dating back to his teenage years. Yet, what truly stands out is the meticulous execution of this partnership, evidenced by the 'C' sign-off gracing the toe box and the presence of the Alcatraz logo on the tongue – intricate details that are renowned for their challenging approval process by Nike.

Clint's history of pairing his Corteiz products with Nike sneakers in the past adds to the significance of this collaboration. Therefore, if there was anyone he would choose to collaborate with – especially in the realm of footwear not currently produced by his brand – it would undoubtedly be the iconic Swoosh. While Nike may have required this collaboration to a greater extent than Corteiz, Clint's presence singularly grants Nike access to the cultural cache that Corteiz brings, which is a true statement. 


Although only time will reveal the endurance of Corteiz's hype, it is evident that Clint is poised to elevate his brand to a larger stage, paving the way for it to assert its global dominance. Shop all Corteiz here.

Levi Niekerk