Over the past month we've seen two new fresh faces come in at Story. Joshua Abrahams will be joining the online team and Xolisa Ralawe (X) will be suiting up with the boys in sales. We strive to have a good relationship with our community so we asked Josh and X some questions to help you learn what they're all about.
What do you do at Story?
Josh - At Story I serve as a Digital Content Creator, meaning I deliver professional, high-quality content meant to inform and engage our audience in the character of photography and videography.  I’ve worked in the industry professionally for over three years and can't wait to put my stamp on the Story Team with my personality and talent. 
X - Right now, I work as a sales assistant, where my primary responsibility is to help my colleagues and anyone who walks through the door! I’m looking forward to meeting all existing and new customers and consigners and will be always eager to assist.
What is your Favourite thing about working at Story?
X - I've learnt that the atmosphere at Story is key, the way everyone interacts and the commitment to the quality of our work is truly refreshing. I also appreciate the people; being with my colleagues feels less like work and more like being part of a team that values you as part of a family rather than just an employee.
Josh - Having the opportunity to work with some of my favourite brands. Story easily has some of the best heat in the country and even the world. Being a photographer and getting to work with globally sought after products up close and in hand is truly a dream come true. There is simply no other store that has this much variety.

If you had to own one pair of sneakers in the store which one would it be?
Josh - Probably the SB Dunk Low Orange Court Purple, i'm not really someone who needs to be flashy and has to have all the “hype” collabs. Im a skater at heart, so a solid fresh new colourway SB dunk does it for me. 
X - Jordan 4's are my favourite silhouette of all time so i’d probably say the Jordan 4 SB Pine Green.
Coolest moment of working at Story so far? 
X - Working with the brands I've been following since I entered the world of streetwear is what motivates me to get up every morning. The anticipation of not knowing what's coming next is thrilling, and I'm equally excited about the incredible photoshoots, eagerly looking forward to participating in more as I've enjoyed every single one.
Josh - Probably the moment Kid Fonque came to the store, just having a normal conversation with someone I'm a big fan of and have admired for years.
Describe your Style in 3 words 
Josh - comfortable, expressive and different.
X - 3 words? , simple , simple , simple. I prefer not to draw too much attention to myself, but I do appreciate a clean fit. I enjoy a look that complements me from head to toe, paying attention to every detail, from my shoes to the cap or beanie on my head.
How has working at Story increased your interest into streetwear culture so far? 
X - My passion for streetwear has been constant since I first delved into the local scene in SA before exploring global trends. Working at Story has broadened my perspective, revealing that there's more depth to streetwear than initially apparent. Story also provides insights into what streetwear truly signifies for the avid consumers.
Josh - My passion for fashion has led me to dedicate my career to pushing the boundaries of social norms through art, fashtion, and photography. Being part of Story has heightened my awareness of the rapid evolution and transformation within streetwear culture. Working here provides me with the chance to stay updated and informed about global and local developments in this dynamic industry.
What’s your favourite song right now? 
X - Damn that's such a challenging question; I'm really into music but if I had to pick a song I'm listening to right now, it would be "Omertà" by Drake.
Josh - I’m going to say Gettin’ It In by Ewiva. I was also the DOP for the music video.
Some closing thoughts on what it’s like working at Story
Josh - I'm lucky enough to do what I love and work with brands I really admire. The vibe at Story is awesome - everyone pitches in, and the store is always buzzing with good chats, debates and vibes.
X - Honestly, this is hands down the coolest job I've had in a while. It's all super organised, clean, and efficient. I've never been so grateful to be part of a work setup that's a win-win for both us employees and the customers. Every time I throw on a Story staff tee and step into the store, it's like stepping into a unique responsibility filled with unique experiences.

Both Josh and X are excited to meet the community so come pop in at Story Cape Town to hang out and browse the shelves at 166 Buitengracht street Cape Town.

Adam Jordan Moosa