In the world of Rhude, the concept transcends just fashion; it embodies an entire ambience. Picture yourself amidst the lairs of a Mediterranean evening, lounging on the terrace of a grand Italian estate, the scent of fine cigars mingling with the breeze. It's a realm where luxury isn't just about clothing but the experience. For Rhuigi Villaseñor, garments and accessories play a supporting role; Rhude is a sentiment he embodies through his distinctive personal style, producing a sense of adventure.
Rhude Creator creator Rhuigi Villasenor has often described his brand in extremely adjectival ways that really contribute to the overall feel of ambient fashion he is trying to create.
Heritage is massive in the brand’s push for success. Rhuigi takes pride in his Filipino background and uses Rhude as a platform to live the so called American Dream. Starting his clothing brand is almost like his journey to America. From T-shirts as an illehal immigrant to high-fashion collabs as a Bell-Air resident, his project ebbs and flows his journey to the top.
“It’s modern-day American dream. But what is the American dream? It’s been so tarnished now. I stand for a much larger dream. I came to the U.S. undocumented, worked hard, and now I give jobs to people. I spent my first big check from Rhude to pay for an immigration lawyer. It was a slow burn, and I thought it could all fall apart. But not once was I scared, because I came from nothing”
Rhuigi’s trajectory in the fashion world took a turn when Kendrick Lamar  wore his bandana shirt at the 2012 BET Music Awards, catapulting him into the spotlight and depositing a staggering $150,000 into his bank account almost instantly. The moment was surreal for Villaseñor, who recalls the emotional surge while driving around in his sister's worn Toyota 4Runner. Empowered by this windfall, he set his sights on a new endeavor, conceiving an entire line christened “Revolution”. Villaseñor's vision for Revolution, akin to what Yeezy represents today, proved to be ahead of its time, embodying the essence of contemporary fashion well before its rise to popularity in the mid 2010s.
Rhude has emerged as a premier choice among celebrities and influencers alike, solidifying its status as a go-to label for those craving a wardrobe that speaks volumes. Dressed by a plethora of notable figures, its collection spans from stylish hoodies and striking graphic tees to sleek jackets and accessories, all resonating with an innate sense of coolness that defies conventional fashion norms. Each piece effortlessly exudes an aura of individuality, encapsulating the brand's ethos of daring expression and freedom.
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Adam Jordan Moosa