A remarkable shift has taken place within the realm of luxury fashion. As flashy logos take a backseat, a new trend known as "quiet luxury" has emerged, captivating the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. This understated approach to luxury emphasises craftsmanship, exclusivity, and sustainability over conspicuous branding. Interestingly, this shift in luxury culture is now influencing streetwear, a subculture that once thrived on bold branding and attention-grabbing aesthetics.

Most notable brands include Kith, Aime Leon Dore, JJJJound, Fear of God, A ma Maniere etc.

Quiet luxury, often referred to as subtle luxury or stealth wealth, is a movement that celebrates the value of high-quality products and experiences without overtly displaying their brand identity. Minimalist design, attention to detail, and exclusivity are the defining characteristics of this trend. It prioritises authenticity and individuality over the superficial allure of status symbols. Customers are willing to invest in timeless, well-crafted pieces that resonate with their values, rather than following fleeting fashion trends. This growing demand for genuine and exclusive luxury experiences has paved the way for the quiet luxury movement to thrive.

Streetwear is a style born from urban culture and characterised by bold graphics, logos, and sporting influences. Historically, streetwear's popularity was driven by flashy branding and limited-edition drops that created a sense of urgency and exclusivity. However, fashion is ever-evolving, and as the quiet luxury trend gains momentum, it has inevitably seeped into the streetwear scene. 

Streetwear brands are adopting a more subtle approach to branding. Logos are shrinking, often placed discreetly on garments or replaced with intricate design elements. This approach allows the focus to shift from large logos to the overall quality and design of the apparel. Enthusiasts are also increasingly valuing the craftsmanship and materials used in their clothing. High-quality fabrics and attention to detail are becoming essential factors in their purchasing decisions.

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, quiet luxury has influenced streetwear brands to adopt more eco-conscious practices. From using organic and ethically sourced materials to implementing sustainable production methods, streetwear designers are aligning with the values of discerning consumers who prioritise both style and environmental responsibility.


At Story, we have loads of pieces that intersect streetwear and Quiet Luxury





Kith Quin Tee "Birch" 


Crafted from a 280 GSM cotton jersey fabric for softness and breathability, this tee features a split hem and a slightly oversized, relaxed fit for a contemporary look. It is also garment dyed and washed for a unique high-low colour effect. Ronnie Fieg's Kith places a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and premium materials in its products. The brand focuses on creating well-made and enduring pieces that appeal to consumers seeking products with lasting value.





Isabel Marant Ogiel Light Cotton Pants 


Isabel Marant is a renowned French fashion designer known for her eponymous brand.

The brand's overall aesthetic exudes a sense of effortless elegance, catering to those seeking a more relaxed yet refined style. Crafted from pure cotton, these pants feature a comfortable mid-rise waist and straight-leg design. The neutral tan hue will easily coordinate with a variety of pieces, making them ideal for any wardrobe.





Nike Air Humara LX Jacquemus "Light Bone Gold"


The Nike Air Humara LX Jacquemus Light Bone Gold is a stylish fusion of comfort and luxury. Crafted with a light beige leather upper with brown suede overlays and exterior ribbons, the sneaker is finished with a unique golden Nike mini Swoosh. An ultra-durable gum outsole provides reliable traction for both indoor and outdoor use.





Aime Leon Dore X New Era 59Fifty Yankees Hat "Green" and "Navy"


The Aime Leon Dore X New Era 59Fifty Yankees Hat collaboration brought together the heritage of the Yankees' iconic cap design with ALD's contemporary and sophisticated approach to streetwear. This piece comes in both Navy and Green and features subtle Aime Leon Dore branding.





Kith Cotton Eyelet Boxy Collared Overshirt


The Cotton Eyelet Boxy Collared Overshirt is made from a garment-dyed, all-over embroidered cotton eyelet fabric. It has Kith branded button closures down the front and on the cuffs, as well as two patch pockets. This overshirt is perfect for any warm day or summer vacation. 


The quiet luxury trend has undeniably made its mark on the streetwear scene, ushering in a new era of urban fashion. By blending elegance, exclusivity, and sustainability with streetwear culture, this trend resonates with a diverse audience seeking a more authentic and meaningful approach to style. 

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Levi Niekerk