Travis Scott has had a hectic few months, gearing up for the launch of his upcoming studio album, Utopia. Alongside this, the Houston rapper has been diligently collaborating with Jordan Brand on an exciting new sneaker venture, offering a sneak peek during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in May. Now, we're gaining more insights into his forthcoming signature sneaker.
Although Travis Scott has been seen sporting at least two different variations of the shoe, it's important to note that the final retail version has yet to be officially confirmed, as early speculations suggest.
Several distinctions can be observed in this sneaker project. For instance, one pair includes a forefoot strap, while the version seen at the Cannes Film Festival lacks this feature. Additionally, fans of Travis Scott will recognize his signature elements on the shoe, such as the reverse Swoosh branding and the "Cactus Jack" logo.

It appears that the new Jordan Brand sneaker created in collaboration with Travis Scott doesn't carry the moniker "Cut the Check" after all. In an exclusive interview with Complex, Reggie Saunders, the Vice President of Jordan Brand, confirmed that the official name for the silhouette has not been decided upon.

Saunders stated, "I won't disclose the name. People have been speculating about a name, but that's not the one; we haven't settled on one yet. It's more about capturing a specific essence. It will be intriguing to see what we decide on, as we've been brainstorming various names. Just today, I received a message from a footwear expert, mentioning, “We need to discuss these three aspects, and that's one of them.” Rumours however state one of the pairs is named the Nike Sharkadon.





Since Travis Scott joined forces with Jordan and Nike back in 2017, he has emerged as one of their most significant collaborators. The release of his signature sneaker marks a significant achievement for all parties involved. Reggie Saunders revealed that discussions about Travis having his own shoe began around two years into their partnership. However, at that time, the artist didn't feel prepared for it.

Now that it's finally materializing, Jordan Brand is still maintaining a degree of secrecy regarding the details. Nevertheless, fans can anticipate a gradual increase in information and promotion in the near future.


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Levi Niekerk