Mostly Heard Rarely Seen embodies a harmonious blend of Hong Kong and Tokyo street fashion, conceived by designer Thomas “Tomakira” Li. Drawing from his own multicultural upbringing, Li infuses the label's collections with a fusion of influences.
 In its Spring/Summer 2016 line, the brand pays homage to its Far Eastern roots through detailed designs marked by a commitment to quality and innovation. From tees adorned with sneaker-inspired graphics to hybrid fabric tops and patterned sherpa crewnecks, each piece showcases vibrant reinterpretations of streetwear, workwear, and pop culture motifs. With patchwork denim adding a further layer of charm, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen offers a colorful and modern take on contemporary fashion.
In the Spring/Summer 2016 collection which is known as the brands first proper conceptual partaking in fashion week, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen unveils a tapestry of designs that pays homage to its Asian roots as mentioned while embracing modern western streetwear sensibilities.
Mostly Heard Rarely seen as a brand prides themselves on their commitment to quality, evident in every stitch and seam of their creations. Patterned crewnecks exude warmth and texture, while patchwork denim exudes an air of effortless cool. These pieces blend elements of streetwear, workwear, and pop culture iconography, offering a broad glimpse into the modern urban landscape extremely well. This is what sets what sets Mostly Heard Rarely Seen apart,  its ability to capture the essence of contemporary fashion while remaining rooted in its cultural heritage as well as western pop culture heritage. The brand's aesthetic speaks to a generation unbound by traditional boundaries, embracing diversity and individuality with open arms. As fashion enthusiasts seek out new experiences and narratives, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen stands poised to make a lasting impression. With each collection, the brand invites us to embark on a journey of self-expression and discovery, where the boundaries between East and West blur, and the only limit is imagination.
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Adam Jordan Moosa