Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS. KAWS is celebrated for his unique style that blends graffiti, pop culture references, and a distinctive take on cartoon characters. His artwork often carries a sense of nostalgia and a touch of irreverence, making it instantly recognisable.
When this artistic vision converged with the timeless design of the Air Jordan 4, a sneaker known for its supportive structure and versatile style, the result was a limited-edition release that instantly gained attention across the globe.
The KAWS Jordan 4 sneakers stand out for their attention to detail and unmistakable design elements. The sneakers’ upper features a premium suede construction, giving them a luxurious feel. The iconic plastic wing eyelets and Air cushioning in the sole nod to the original Air Jordan 4 design.

However, what truly sets the KAWS Jordan 4 apart is the incorporation of KAWS' signature "XX" branding. The "XX" motif appears prominently on the heel of the shoe and also subtly throughout the design, from the lace tips to the hang tag. This fusion of the Jordan Brand's heritage with KAWS' distinctive symbols creates a harmonious balance between sportswear and contemporary art. Upon its release, the KAWS Jordan 4 collaboration caused a sensation in the sneaker and art communities. The limited availability and the fusion of high-end streetwear with collectable art drove demand to unprecedented levels. Sneaker enthusiasts camped out for a chance to purchase a pair, and resale prices skyrocketed due to the scarcity of the release.

The collaboration also highlighted the growing intersection between streetwear and high art. It showcased the potential of sneakers as not just footwear, but also as wearable pieces of art.





Featuring a premium suede upper in sleek black, adorned with intricate Kaws stitching across the design. This sneaker’s additional highlights encompass Kaws branding and visuals, accompanied by a fully translucent outsole that radiates a luminous glow in low light. For enthusiasts of both Kaws' artistic style and the Air Jordan 4 silhouette, this release from the Jordan Brand is undoubtedly an essential addition to your collection.





At the end of 2022, English Sole presented a detailed glimpse into the unreleased collaborative project between KAWS and Jordan. This occurrence took place a year prior to the well-known release of the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 in 2017 and involved the Air Jordan 1 Low silhouette. With a mere total of eight pairs in existence, this sample edition showcases a notably more subdued collaboration, primarily featuring a white colour scheme.

Reportedly designed with a low-profile approach in mind for the artist's preference, the shoe's uppers omit the Swoosh logo. Instead, the distinct "XX" emblem is positioned on the heel counter, positioned just below a central Wings logo. The entirety of the shoe is meticulously crafted from plush, high-quality leather, including the tongue tag, and is adorned with artwork created by the artist himself. It is unclear if this pair will ever be released to the public but is another showcase of how Kaws’s exclusivity is unrivalled.





The KAWS Jordan 4 collaboration stands as a testament to the synergy between art and fashion. It bridges the gap between the streetwear and art worlds, creating a cultural artefact that appeals to both sneaker enthusiasts and art aficionados. By bringing KAWS' distinctive artistic vision to the classic Air Jordan 4 silhouette, this collaboration has left an indelible mark on the sneaker and art landscape, reminding us of the potential of creative partnerships in shaping contemporary culture.


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