Awake NY's inaugural Jordan sneaker is poised for its long-awaited debut, marking a significant milestone for the Lower East Side brand. The collaboration with the Jordan Air Ship silhouette, hinted at in 2023 with a playful display in store, now steps into the spotlight with an official coming soon post.
Since its inception in 2012, Awake NY has been a vibrant player of the dynamic cultural tapestry that is New York City. Founded by Angelo Baque, a native of Queens, the brand has become an outlet for the city's diversity, drawing inspiration from its streets, people, and ever-evolving city landscape.
Each seasonal collection from Awake NY aims to honor the eclectic energy of downtown New York in the early '90s, by skillfully blending nostalgic elements with contemporary aesthetics that help keep the brand modern and new. From refined silhouettes to domestically-produced everyday essentials, the brand offers a wide range that reflects the multifaceted nature of urban life. Recent additions to their lineup, such as sweater vests, overcoats, and suits, have solidified Awake NY's position as a mainrunner for 2024
After exciting fans with glimpses and teasers, Awake is poised to unveil its first ever Jordan collaboration in full. Subtle previews of collaborative apparel to fleeting peeks at the Air Ship sneaker, the brand has successfully built anticipation. Now, the countdown begins as Awake prepares for the official release. March 9th is apparently the date set for when Air Ship sneakers and accompanying clothing line are set to launch, both online and in-store at the brand's Lower East Side location in New York. It's a moment that fans have been eagerly awaiting, promising an exciting fusion of Awake NY's distinct aesthetic.  It's worth mentioning that Awake NY's Jordan Air Ship also comes in a blue colorway, as seen during the initial reveal in 2023. However, the second pair doesn't appear to be a part of the upcoming March drop.
The final product of both sneakers are covered with numerous branding moments that blend the essence of both brands. From the sleek silver Jumpman hang tag attached to the laces to the reptilian ankle and tongue proudly showcasing Awake NY and Nike's logos, every detail speaks volumes. Not to be overlooked, Awake NY's signature "A" motif is subtly stitched onto the toe box, adding a touch of sophistication. The intentionally yellowed sole infuses the Air Ship with a nostalgic charm, giving it a vintage appeal that resonates with sneaker enthusiasts. In essence, the Awake NY x Jordan Air Ship strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and flair, staying true to Awake NY's distinctive in-line designs while offering a refreshing twist that appeals to its devoted community, including notable figures like Rihanna.


Adam Jordan Moosa