James Whitner and A Ma Maniére , have introduced a new level of narrative to Jordan Brand and Nike. In the earlier part of this year, AMM collaborated with the Jumpman team to present the "Understand The Why" story, focusing on the Jordan Air Ship. Now, the duo has shifted their attention to the Air Jordan 5 with the "Still We Rise" campaign. Inspired by the insights of renowned writers James Baldwin and Maya Angelou, the narrative emphasizes the celebration of the Black community's power and strength across various identities.
Previously revealed, the Air Jordan 5 is available in two color options: "Dusk" and "Dawn." The former combines black and burgundy in a suede construction, while the latter features a combination of gray and blue. Both pairs showcase AMM co-branding on the tongue and outsole, along with a distinctive monogram pattern integrated into the classic TPU cage.
Alongside the launch of the sneakers, the duo has curated a collection of accompanying apparel. The ensemble features black, cream, and navy pieces tailored for the fall season, with a distinctive co-branded bomber jacket as a standout piece. Other choices within the collection encompass a high-quality cotton anorak and pant set, a cozy fleece hoodie, and a selection of t-shirts.

Beyond footwear, AMM is no stranger to curating a complementary apparel collection, echoing the elegance and versatility of its sneaker designs.  

A Ma Maniére boutiques stand as physical manifestations of Whitner's commitment to providing more than just a shopping space. Each location is beautifully designed, offering an immersive experience that goes beyond mere transactions. The fusion of upscale design elements and an unwavering dedication to customer engagement distinguishes A Ma Maniére as a destination rather than just a store but an aesthetic.

AMM's aesthetic often embraces a monochromatic palette, allowing the details and design elements to take center stage. The restrained use of color amplifies the visual impact of each piece, creating a sophisticated and cohesive collection. This monochromatic mastery is evident in everything from their signature sneakers to their carefully curated apparel selections.
Detail is where the A Ma Maniére aesthetic truly shines. From subtle branding elements to intricate patterns and textures, every aspect of their designs is intentional. This meticulous attention to detail not only enhances the visual appeal of each piece but also speaks to the brand's commitment to delivering products that stand out in a crowded market.
Its official release, including the debut of the apparel range, will go down on November 17 via A Ma Maniére in women’s sizing


Adam Jordan Moosa