Originating from Johannesburg, South Africa, J Clu is an artist now situated in Cape Town, boasting an active presence in the music industry since 2017. Grounded in a musical upbringing centred around piano and guitar, J Clu skillfully integrates these influences to bolster his musical expertise. Motivated by the surge of Soundcloud's popularity in South Africa circa 2016, particularly during the era known as the "New Wave," J Clu took his initial steps into production. Committed to authenticity in his music, Clu openly acknowledges his departure from conventional hip-hop and R&B content. In October 2023 J CLU drops his new album ‘BOYZWHO$STRAY’

Let’s sit down with Cam Clucas once again

Do you think this is your best project? 

“ For sure, this is definitely my best project. I think it’s the best display I have in my discography that shows my versatility and vocals. I feel this album has more of a RnB/ Neo Soul vibe.“

What is your favourite song on the album and why? 

“ My favourite song is actually the first track, “GET ME RIGHT”. 

I felt super comfortable on that beat, it just made sense in the studio. I was able to combine soulful singing with rapping. All in all it's one of the most balanced songs I’ve ever written.” 

What was the main inspiration for this project? 

“ The project is dedicated to people like me who go against the grain. The people that take an unconventional path in life in order to chase your passion. The title “BOYZWHO$TRAY” basically commemorates anyone who strays from normality, following their passion always.”



What are you most proud about this album?

“ It was another project put together independently and completely directed and me and the producers/artists involved. I’m proud of the maturity and cohesiveness of the project compared to my previous work. Major shoutout to " TheBaker " for mixing and mastering the piece of art. "

How is it like working with iam6teen and how did “Hold my hand” featuring Blxckie & Ben September come together?

“ Iam6teen, a producer I didn’t know at the time, sent me a pack of 5 beats. In that pack was the beats for Hold My Hand, uMdali and Get Me Right. Another reminder of the slept on  brilliance we have in SA. I hopped on Hold My Hand and knew I had to get Ben September on it because I know his voice would sound too nice to that beat. I kinda took a gamble sending it to blxckie I had no idea if he’d get to it. He didn’t even tell me he was down until one day he just said “I’m in studio rn” and I was like LETS GOOOOO and he sent his verse the same day… I was happy asf. ” 

What separates this album from the rest of your music?

“ A lot more RnB / Neo Soul elements. Held back on the rapping a bit and sang more. 



How does it feel being an “underrated” artist and how does that fuel your creativity 

“ I guess it just means you have to prove yourself over and over again. But once it’s up it’s stuck! 

What story did you want to tell with this project?

“ Just the story of me pursuing my passion and observing the people around me and the environments I find myself in. I hope anyone paving their way and doing something different can relate to it. ”  

How soon in the future can we expect another J Clu project?

“ Another J Clu project? Probably next year. Maybe a couple collab eps and defintely a lot of singles before that tho. ” 




Be sure to check out J Clu’s album 

“BOYZWHO$STRAY” here on Apple Music and Spotify


Adam Jordan Moosa