Story. uses the best possible & most secure consignment managing software on the market to date, making sure your items are tracked, and in your sight 24/7, no matter where they are in selling process. We are constantly working with our developer team in the USA to improve the user experience and functionality of the software for our clients.


In order to sell your items through our online or retail store, you have two options, you can either schedule a ‘Drop Off’ appointment at our retail space in Cape Town here or if you would prefer to “Ship-In” via online you will need to complete the following easy steps.


  1. Register your selling profile on our consignment manager tool here (


  • please note, if you get an alert that your email already exists on the system, it is because you have already used your email address with another store that uses the same software. In this case, please use the same login details you would for that store or contact us to assist you by emailing


  1. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Menu Tab’ and select ‘Sell’. Now you are able to search for the products you would like to sell in our comprehensive product database and add them to your profile.


  1. Now that you have found your product, you will need to assign a category on the right of the page. Choose either ‘Sneakers’, ‘Clothing’ or ‘Accessories’ depending on what matches your product best.


  1. Add Inventory. On this page you can select the size of the product you are selling and well as the condition, either Deadstock (See Glossary For definition) or Pre-owned, and finally the price you would like for your item to sell at. The system will automatically display the payout amount to you should your item sell.


  1. Once you have selected size, condition, price, click the blue ‘Create’ button.


  1. Now all you need to do is print out the QR code, and put the print-out inside of the shoe box and either ship your item to us or schedule a drop off at our retail location.
  • NB please make sure you read and strictly follow our shipping guidelines here (shipping page of best practice)



Have any questions or need some assistance? We are here to help you anytime via email at