The Air Jordan remains one of the first silhouettes collaborations touch. It's a mainstay to be chosen for hyped-up and pop culture collaborations. Marvel's animated feature 'Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse' is a highly cultural easter egg-heavy movie. A lot of those easter eggs come from hip-hop, basketball and sneakers. 

Most notably the lead Miles Morales wears a pair of the OG Air Jordan 1 High 'Chicago' with a twist. The writers and illustrators knew the cultural significance that this sneaker holds. For the entire length of the movie, Miles is wearing his pair of AJ1s.
The filmmakers draw viewers' attention to them in the most subtle ways but still make it obvious that his shoes are important. In the opening scene, first, the camera gets closer to Miles so that we can see his face and then it pans around the room to give viewers an idea about who he is. During this pan, where we first learn about Miles and what he likes, the camera pans upwards to his Jordans sitting atop the books almost as if they are on display as if they are sacred. The camera stops briefly twice on them emphasizing that they have significance to not only Miles but also the viewer. This shows an appreciation for sneaker culture and serves as an example of how a shoe which is colloquially seen as just an essential you put on your feet can be seen as having immense status and meaning to a character or individual.



To continue, on the busy sidewalk of Miles' Brooklyn neighbourhood, the camera doesn't focus on the setting or scenery, instead, the camera once again zooms in and follows Miles' shoes before it shows the people who are in the background. An important thing to notice here is once again the filmmakers felt that this pair of Chicagos were more important in Miles Morales' character development than the area and neighbourhood he grew up in. The most telling piece of evidence that exhibits the prominence of Jordans in Miles' life is that he keeps them on even when he has on the Spider-man costume. No matter what identity he has or uses his shoes remain part of him and don't change.



Jordan Brand celebrated this by bringing Miles' pair of AJ1s to life. The official promotional blurb from Nike reads, "Like Morales' character, the AJ1 is known for defying the norm. Like the mask, the AJ1 can be worn by anyone and empower those who wear it to be heroic." Matching the pair seen in the film on Miles Morales, this AJ1 puts a twist on a classic colourway. Dubbed the 'Origin Story Air Jordan 1, Miles' AJ1 was released in December 2018 and comes with a white upper plus red accents, a black Nike "Swoosh", and a translucent sole.



Now in 2023, the sequel to the first movie will have another Air Jordan 1 release to promote the movie. This second iteration is called the Air Jordan 1 High 'Next Chapter', obviously named to coincide with the second movie. The second iteration of the sneaker is constructed using various leathers, suedes, and other premium materials across the uppers. The patterns used across the sneakers are designed to mimic the Miles Morales animation style used in the movie. The sneaker follows suit of the 2018 release using the iconic Chicago Bulls colourway and colour blocking and was released on the 20th of May 2023 just in time for the cinema release of the movie on June the 2nd.


Jordan Brand and Marvel have once again shown that sneakers are a part of pop culture just as much as any other interest. Jordans keep appearing in movies and TV shows and it truly shows how far their heritage has come


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Levi Niekerk