Founded in Amsterdam in 2004 by Guillaume 'Gee' Schmidt and Edson Sabajo, Patta has grown from a small sneaker store to a global streetwear powerhouse. Known for its unique blend of urban aesthetics, multicultural influences, and a commitment to authenticity, Patta has become a symbol of street culture.

Patta's roots lie in Amsterdam's vibrant sneaker culture of the early 2000s. Co-founders Gee and Edson were avid sneaker collectors and enthusiasts, and this passion led them to open their own sneaker store. The name "Patta" derives from the Surinamese word for “shoe sole,” reflecting their connection to the Netherlands and the multicultural influences that would later define the brand.

From the very beginning, Patta aimed to offer a curated selection of rare and exclusive sneakers. However, what set them apart was their ability to fuse the world of sneakers with the broader street culture. This unique approach quickly garnered attention, and Patta became a hub for sneakerheads and fashion-forward individuals.





While Patta started as a sneaker store, it didn't take long for the brand to evolve into a full-fledged streetwear label. Recognizing the potential to create their own fashion pieces that embodied the spirit of their store, Gee and Edson began producing their own clothing and accessories. This transition marked the beginning of Patta's journey into fashion design.

Patta's clothing line was an instant hit. Drawing inspiration from their multicultural backgrounds and the diverse influences of Amsterdam, their designs stood out in a crowded market. Bold graphics, vibrant colours, and unique collaborations with artists and brands soon became Patta's signature.





“Yes, so we started out as a store, mainly stocking imported sneakers. From that, we grew into becoming a brand, but that took some years. The first years, Patta was just a sneaker store with sneakers from all over the world that we ourselves curated and bought in other places and in addition to that, we also sold brands from our friends.” 

- Guillaume Schmidt





Beyond its success in the fashion world, Patta has also made a significant impact on social and cultural fronts. The brand is deeply rooted in its Amsterdam origins and the multicultural fabric of the city. This connection to its community is reflected in its support of local artists, musicians, and creative talents.

Patta's dedication to authenticity and inclusivity has resonated with a global audience. The brand's commitment to celebrating diversity and pushing for positive change in the fashion industry has earned it a dedicated fan base that extends far beyond Amsterdam's borders.





Patta's sought-after partnerships with Nike, Converse, Asics, and New Balance, some of which command four-figure prices on platforms like StockX, were a result of their distinctive style and discerning taste. Nevertheless, it's the unconventional collaborations that add a unique allure to the brand. These unexpected ventures, such as an acclaimed football jersey endorsed by Edgar Davids, creative partnerships with renowned Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg, featuring a Noam Chomsky-themed tee, and ventures into items like SIGG bottles, contribute to Patta's eccentric charm.


Patta is one of the few African-owned brands with an international profile and Sabajo and Schmidt have a unique perspective on the cultural moment. 


“We do us, and we are never talking from a perspective of perfection because there's other stuff we need to progress on, but in terms of the industry, it has a long way to go.” 


By staying true to its roots and embracing diversity, Patta has carved out a unique space in the fashion world. With each new collection and collaboration, the brand continues to influence and shape the ever-evolving landscape of streetwear, reminding us that fashion is not just about what we wear but also about the stories and cultures we represent. Patta's legacy is far from complete, and we can only anticipate the exciting developments that lie ahead for this iconic brand.


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