In an effort to satisfy both the modern cohort of sneaker enthusiasts eager to acquire a piece of history and to enable original collectors to distinguish these latest releases from their earlier counterparts, Jordan Brand launched the "Reimagined" series. This collection reinterprets classic colorways, infusing them with a distinctive twist in their construction. 
The Reimagined campaign by Jordan Brand strives to present OG colourways with a faithful essence but incorporates a creative twist. For instance, in the inaugural release of the Reimagined Series in 2021, the Jordan 1 Patent Bred reinterpreted the iconic Bred colourway by substituting its traditional smooth leather construction with glossy patent leather. Subsequently, Jordan Brand embraced a vintage aesthetic for the Air Jordan 1 Lost & Found and the Jordan 3 White Cement in their subsequent releases.
Air Jordan 1 Lost and Found 
The inaugural Reimagined sneaker took inspiration from the "Chicago" and was redubbed the "Lost and Found" Air Jordan 1. Infused with vintage elements, the shoe's narrative revolved around exploring forgotten stockrooms and local stores to uncover undiscovered deadstock at affordable prices. In an age dominated by online marketplaces, the quest has become digitalized, yet Jordan Brand pays homage to the bygone era of scouring through stored inventories in basements to unearth hidden treasures. The packaging featured an antiqued box, complete with a deliberately "mismatched" top, and a receipt reflecting a discounted price from a small-scale boutique 
The OG "Chicago" Air Jordan 1 remained absent from the market for nearly two decades until the colourway was reintroduced in the 2013 retro edition of the Air Jordan 1. However, this release deviated from the original design specifications by omitting the "Nike Air" tongue branding. Instead, the Jumpman logo adorned the tongue and heel, a prevailing design feature on AJ1s during that period. Despite this alteration, the scarcity of the "Chicago" AJ1 rendered the Jumpman-infused version an immediate sellout, establishing it as a coveted item among collectors. 
The reimagined pair was one of the most sought-after sneakers of 2022
Air Jordan 3 White Cement Reimagined

Although the Air Jordan 1 holds a special place in fans' hearts, the Air Jordan 3 is undeniably considered one of the most iconic sneakers ever. Tinker Hatfield's inaugural collaboration with Nike for Michael Jordan elevated the design, introducing elements like the distinctive elephant print, a heel tab reminiscent of a license plate with the "Nike Air" logo, and the first appearance of the Jumpman logo on the tongue. 

In 1994, the Air Jordan 1 underwent a retro revival, and concurrently, the Air Jordan 3 "White Cement" made a comeback, accompanied by a distinctive special box highlighting Michael Jordan's illustrious career. The slender elephant print, the iconic "Nike Air" branding, and the specific shape of the '94 version eventually gained classic status. Despite the initial lukewarm reception in 1994, as the concept of retros was relatively new for consumers, the shoe evolved into a sought-after grail for collectors. In 2021, a pair fetched a resale value exceeding $1,600.

The AJ3 "White Cement" resurfaced once again in 2003, presenting subtle differences in the second retro iteration of the colorway. These variances included alterations in the elephant print design and a lighter hue of the print itself compared to the 1994 version. However, the most significant change was the adoption of the "Jumpman Air" branding on the heel.



In 2018, the 30th anniversary of both the silhouette and the dunk took center stage during the All-Star Weekend celebrations in Los Angeles, as Jordan Brand creatively revisited the iconic free throw line dunk narrative. The special colorway featured a distinctive "3:51" on the back pull tab, marking the moment when Jordan soared, and "147" on the tongue, a nod to his final dunk score. However, the addition of an icy blue outsole and a red stripe on one of the outsoles, symbolizing the free throw line dunk, leaned more towards commemoration than satisfying the originality cravings of purists.


Jordan brand then decided they will bring back this iconic colourway with a vintage twist in 2023  

The second installment in the Reimagined series revisited the legendary Air Jordan 3 "White Cement" colorway. Retaining its original "Nike Air" branding, the shoe introduced novel elements, including an antiqued box, off-white accents on the heel tab, a pre-aged midsole, and a pamphlet mirroring the OG tech specs reminiscent of the 1988 version.


Air Jordan 1 High Royal Reimagined 


The reimagined series fall backs to the AJ3 predesscor and persists with the Air Jordan 1 High OG, focusing this time on the "Royal" colorway. Departing from its usual all-leather upper, the shoe adopts an all-suede appearance, showcasing a striking combination of vibrant royal blue and black. In a departure from tradition, the shoe comes enclosed in a coordinating box, deviating from the conventional black and red AJ1 packaging.



Debuting in 1985 and despite not gracing Michael Jordan's in-game moments, the Air Jordan 1 High "Royal" maintains a prominent position among sneaker enthusiasts. Its allure stems from its originality and cultural significance, highlighted by matching flight suits, iconic advertisements, and even notable instances like wearing them during a casual pick-up game with a cruise ship crew.



In 2013, the Air Jordan 1 High "Royal" introduced the most vibrant blue shade seen on the "Royal" colorway up to that point while retaining the iconic "Nike Air" branding. Similar to the 2013 "Bred" Air Jordan 1, the "Royal" edition enjoyed widespread popularity and positive reception.

Following this, the 2017 release of the Air Jordan 1 High "Royal" marked a design that closely resembled the 2001 version. Not only did the "Royal" shade align more closely with the original, but the Swoosh shape also became more slender in this iteration. 

The Air Jordan 1 High Reimagined releases 4 November 2023 in full family sizing. 



Air Jordan 11 Gratitude DMP


In the 1995 playoffs, the Air Jordan 11 made its first appearance as the Chicago Bulls clashed with the Orlando Magic and their formidable duo of Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O’Neal. Despite the Bulls falling to the Magic, the spotlight was firmly on Jordan. The early prototype of what would evolve into the Air Jordan 11 took center stage during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Both the “Concord” and “Space Jam” colorways debuted on the court during this series, setting the stage for one of the most iconic seasons in NBA history. The 1995-1996 Bulls went on to achieve a remarkable 72-10 record and secured their fourth NBA championship in the Michael Jordan era.



In the year 2000, the Air Jordan 11 saw its inaugural retro release, marking a pivotal moment in sneaker culture where campouts became the norm, especially with the highly anticipated release of the "Space Jam" colorway. Over the years, as sneaker culture flourished, the Air Jordan 11 evolved into a holiday tradition, emerging as one of the most sought-after releases annually. Regrettably, the intense hype, soaring demand, and limited supply led to instances of violence across the country, implicitly prompting a shift to online releases. This transition was notably influenced by the chaotic release of the 2011 Air Jordan 11 “Concord” colorway.



So While not an original Air Jordan 11 color scheme, the Air Jordan 11 “DMP” is set to undergo the Reimagined treatment in December 2023, adopting the new moniker "Gratitude" colorway. Notably, the iconic ballistic mesh upper of the shoe will be replaced with a tumbled leather upper. However, the gold accents, milky white outsole, and the distinctive patent leather elements will remain unchanged.


Air Jordan 4 Bred Reimagined



More than six months ago, rumors circulated about the Air Jordan 4 undergoing a transformation labeled the "Bred Reimagined," coinciding with the release of the Air Jordan 3 "White Cement Reimagined." Now, an early glimpse of the highly awaited AJ4 has emerged, accompanied by fresh details on its release. The 2019 "Bred" color scheme is reintroduced, featuring a predominantly black upper adorned with premium leather. The “Nike Air” heel branding, the AJ4 “Bred” will make its return in new form for the first time since 2019.



The Air Jordan 4 "Bred," an iconic OG colorway, has seen the least number of reissues, despite its memorable status. It returned in retro form in 2012, albeit with a silhouette shape that wasn't as refined as the original and included the Jumpman logo on the heel. Nevertheless, the significance of the shoe's reappearance after a 23-year hiatus outweighed concerns about deviating from the original design specifications for consumers.



This reimagined release is one of the most anticipated releases in recent memory.

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